Sunday, May 01, 2005

Brendan in Errenteria; The Eight Ball

Short note: Andoni has accepted Brendan's application. Brendan will start to work at Mugaritz at the first of October.

The translation of the email is priceless.......I will post it soon: ''It will bring savannahs suitable for a bed of 70cm......''

Then I get the IM: Dad...this is your son. My cellphone is dead. I am in the dam, looking for Chloe......please email her my new number.

As all hell is breaking loose....MY cell phone is dying...I am an hour late for a party (only Mrs. Hatfield.....!!) Sixty female Cypress Point members!!!.........and I have to email Chloe a new cell phone number for Brendan so he can find her in the Dam Platz in Amsterdam. Sure, bud.

Anyway, it is now official. Brendan has accepted the job at Mugaritz. He also applied for a short-term stage at Arzak to warm up.

Oh....and he bought a bar in Prague. I am so proud. My son owns a bar in Prague. Wait a minute! I own a bar in Cachagua!

Apparently, he and his partners have taken over a failed internet cafe in Malastrana on Ujezd, the continuation of the Karmelitska, a couple blocks from the Charles Bridge, a block from the Certovka (The Devil's Stream!). There is a pool table......the working title is "The Eight Ball". Charming.....But, it is a very short walking distance from hordes of tourists of all descriptions. And Prague is the only city in Europe that likes Americans (there is actually a square with a statue of George Patton, for god's sake), and there was a red-neck, pick-up truck, camo wearing, tractor hat fashion era there. So, White Trash as a business plan may work.

And Hey!! Come to think of it.....look who is the President! Of America, I mean. Czech was classy enough to have a playwright as President....a guy who then appointed Frank Zappa as Minister of Culture. If GWB went that route, we would get......some dipshit named Toby.

''The Eight Ball''. Perfect.

Actually, it is kind of funny. I already tried it out on the oh-so perfect parents of an aquajock from Brendan's class at Carmel High. People that got me fired as soccer coach because their kid only made JV. A 4.0 type kid, straight four year in-and-out graduate of Cal Poly.

Turns out the kid is now living at home, coaching swimming part-time at the high school, and the parents are giving him the boot. And, the dad wants to go to Brendan's bar...... Of course he does!

Oddly, the hotmap link takes you directly to the bar:

And, of course, Karmelitska is named for the in Carmel. Brendan owns a white trash bar off Carmel Street, I own a white trash bar in Carmel Valley.

Perfect. As the Dalai Lama says: "Just try to leave the world a better place......"


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