Monday, December 12, 2005

DiFI is a slimy maggot...

Dear Senator Feinstein:

Re: Your Bill S-1874 Alien Torts

I am a Democratic precinct chairman. I am utterly appalled at your bill S-1874. This is something worthy of the worst, most cynical Republican troll....not my Democratic Senator.


Your bill would absolve any American company of any wrong committed anywhere in the world, unless the afflicted could prove that it was intentional.

Do you think that Union Carbide intentionally killed 30,000 people in India? Of course not. Do you believe that those people are owed no recourse under American law? Why do we have insurance? Why do we have and promote competent managers?

I am a business owner. I am insured against the worst, but I bend over backwards to make sure that nothing I do
hurts any of my clients. Imagine this: I actually try to PLEASE my clients. If I fail in this, I expect to lose business. If I hurt or kill them, I expect to be sued...and possibly driven out of business.

We Democrats have been pilloried for being weak on security and defense, too touchy feely about social issues, too secular in the new hyper religious world. Fine. In the face of the most incompetent and corrupt Administration since Warren Harding, who cares? It never occurred to me that my Democratic Senator would acutally be supporting a bill more corrupt, more self serving, and more despicable than anything even these incompetent, corrupt political Neanderthals could devise.

I am appalled....and ashamed that you are half of my representation in the Senate. I cannot wait for the Central Committee meeting on Wednesday.

SHAME ON YOU!! You need to not only repudiate this bill, but apologize to all for even thinking of trying to pull something like this.

Michael Jones

Carmel Valley

I called the office. Transferred four times. The first three aides expressed no knowledge of a bill DiFi had INTRODUCED! I finally got the right aide. He was totally blasé. He said that DiFi was in negotiations with human rights groups to reword the bill......that nothing would be done until both sides had input into the bill.

I pointed out that the bill specifically torpedos any suit that cannot prove that a government or a company did not deliberately commit a tort. ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF BHOPAL!!! It is clear Union Carbide did not deliberately kill 30,000 Indians. But can they not be sued for negligence? Isn't that why we have insurance? And competent managers?

Personally, I don't give a damn about the human rights aspects of the bill. I don't really care about some third world guy tortured by his government for voting the wrong way......really. You know, in the course of things....fuck 'em. What scares me is the way she used the ''human rights,'' ''anti-torture'' lead in to a bill that absolves her corporate clients of eveything in the world.

Extending total immunity for everything that can possibly be done to anyone in the world by any American company.....HOLY SHIT!! Butter would not melt in this rotten old hag's mouth.

I asked if Rick Santorum is a co-sponsor. After all he is a psychotic Republican fuck.

Chevron and ExxonMobil are major DiFi contributors. Perfect.

Who the fuck are these people? Are we actually supposed to support and vote for them? Or throw cream pies and rotten tomatoes? Are the Republicans better? How could they be worse?

Here is the full text of this shit:

Call the hag.....(202) 224-3841. Ask to talk about HER OWN BILL S-1874.........She needs to not only repudiate the bill, but she needs to, grovel......for introducing it to begin with.

In further news, Hillary Clinton has introduced a bill, co-sponsored by a Republican, to ban flag burning. Can you spell ''pandering''? This is worse than John Kerry going goose hunting.

Can anyone remember the last case of flag burning, this side of Gaza or Teheran? Are we being swept by flag burning incidents? I guess I missed it on the news.....too many kidnappings of white girls....... In a further absurdity, the bill only bans flag burning on federal property, since the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that flag burning is free speech, and banning it is unconstitutional.

So, if you had holiday plans to go down to the post office, mail some packages, and burn a flag......forget it. Hillary is protecting you from yourself. And protecting The Republic.

Wow. Lieberman as SecDef; DiFi pimping for Chevron in the name of torture victims; Hillary pandering to Archie Bunker.......Al Gore is looking all bright and shiny.....


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