Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nothing to do with food

A friend writes about Al Gore.....what do I think?

From my position high atop the pillar of civilization known as Cachagua.......

''I have been mulling over the Al thing since you wrote. First day off!

Starting with his Current TV, and moving on to that killer speech this fall. He is tearing up college campuses (campae? campii? campi? If plural for alumnus is alumni....)

I think he is far and away the best MAN (.....uh, PERSON...) for the job. Smart, forward thinking, concerned......with impeccable moral credentials (Does anyone remember Tipper's campaign against nasty rock and roll?). In a perfect world........

But.....can he get elected? Probably not. I just see the Republican Media Death Machine grinding him up with all the old bugaboos: invention of the Internet; Old Stone Face, '00 loser, etc.

Still.....who else is there? Kerry? Already destroyed. Biden? Proven plagiarist. Edwards? Too pretty? Hilary? Please...the Rush Limbaugh dream ticket. Barack Obama? The racism of the unwashed unleashed at last. Gore may be the fallback guy because Democrats are stubborn idealists at heart. Still, I like him as governor of California. He is now an SF resident.

Or, as Amanda points out......Al Gore would be the perfect Cheney figure for our side.....the puppetmaster for the Electable One, whoever that might turn out to be.

Still, I am already despairing. This is the era of The Big Lie. It doesn't matter what you do, just how you spin it. Look them right in the eye and lie, lie, lie. Republicans are all about it...perfecting their skills peddling imperfect products in the retail world all these years. (e.g. Bill Ford asking for Congressional help for automakers.....after generations of fighting average mileage increases tooth and nail? Puh-leeeze!)

Democrats are: a) right about everything....the economy, the war, the environment, the food supply, social security......everything; b) naive and weak in the public eye. Somehow truth and sincerity have come to equal naiveté and weakness. You believe your high school biology teacher when she tells you we are destroying the planet...but you don't want her negotiating with the Chinese about emission controls and tariffs.

How has this come about? Do you have to be a scumbag to be successful anymore?

Think about it: our most recent, most successful Democratic politician was Bill Clinton. A more genial scumbag never walked......well, except for Al Sharpton, perhaps.

I am already mentally preparing for the McCain Presidency. But, I will go to the Democratic Central Committee meeting tonight......

And I would vote for Al Gore. Maybe we could get him to beat up a hooker. Or Charles Hurwitz, speaking of hookers......



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