Tuesday, January 17, 2006

DiFi: The Turd in the Puncbowl

My Senator is Dianne Feinstein: she is the Fat Turd, floating in the punch bowl. I see all my fellow Progressives chatting away at the Fabulous Democratic Party, little fingers lifted, pretending that everything is fine……dipping the crystal ladle into the punch….taking care not to disturb the obvious Fat Turd floating there, or get any in their cup.

It is all fine, really. This is how it is supposed to be.


Gutless, soul-less caricature of a washed up, glad-handing toad…...She makes Ted Kennedy seem like Brad Pitt. I almost prefer a more directly corrupt Republican. At least you know their price….and at least that price involves food and golf.

DiFi is only woman on the Judiciary Committee…and she is selling out any chance of a filibuster against Alito….in advance of any possible negotiation…and blowing the last best chance American women have of maintaining control of their own bodies in this generation.

“This is the way the World ends…….

Not with a bang, but a Whimper……”

And The Hag was in the audience as the only Democrat left still with a surviving sense of outrage commemorated MLK Day with the best speech since Martin walked the Earth……If you missed it….Al Gore knocked it out of the park on Monday and said everything that needs to be said. He called Our President a lying, corrupt, criminal cocksucker while standing in the Daughters of the American Revolution convention center. Well, maybe he left out the cocksucker part........

All the cutaways to DiFi during the speech showed her shimmering with envy…..a Hag plotting revenge on Al for his eloquence…..clearly fearing his shadow. God forbid she should celebrate his skill and success…..much less his passion. She hasn't shown passion since Monckton barfed on her shoes in Paddy's Day Parade.

Al is good....therefore, Al must be shunned.

In the restaurant business, the very best place to open up your new restaurant is across the street from the other guy’s wildly successful joint. We love to share in our buddy’s success…..and then try to steal his décor, his recipes, all his chefs, hot waitresses and clientele later.

With the mainstream Democrats I just see conniving, backstabbing old whores. Instead of opening across the street from the new hot place and try to compete for his new clientele, they call the Planning Commission about his signage….. and rat him out to the Health Department because he doesn’t have a mop sink.

Lord help us.


Blogger Gabe Rosen said...

Well said, Mike. Al Gore's renaissance of outrage has been a welcome departure from the usual toothless nattering of the Democrats. Of course, it makes sense that DiFi mounts no opposition to this Republican dandy who "can't remember" having joined any of numerous questionanle organizations - she "can't remember" when being a Democrat meant something.

3:17 PM  

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