Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ethics is dead.....

I am thinking that we have gone through The Looking Glass…..that all this despicable Abramoff shite, and the crazy illegal war, and the crazy illegal wiretapping and illegal searches are not the problem. They are just symptoms of a much greater problem. In the same way that mushrooms are just the fruit of a huge underground mycelium that extends all through the woods.

Remember PushoMan? The guy that arrived drunk two hours early for a cocktail party....before even the host and hostess arrived.... hung around anyway, still drinking…..and then after the power failed, shoved Gilda out of the way in the candlelit kitchen to get at uncooked hors d’oeuvres? We tried to get the CHP to pick him up, but no such luck. Rats.

And.......He’s baaaaack!!

It turns out this creep is everywhere. He drives all the way out to The Store to buy our Morgan Winery Syrah, because it is only $15. And he showed up on Monday Night with perfectly nice people: the local Bocce Ball Club. It was a big group…a twenty-top. PushoMan (aka Jon Northerland) bought all the wine. Of course he came back into the kitchen to bitch me out because I raised the Syrah to $16. In a restaurant.

Anyway…..the big table drank a ton of wine…some twenty bottles. At our pathetically reduced prices this only came to $220 bucks…..probably 60 glasses on the table for the girls to buss, wash, polish, stock. And serving the twenty bottles, of course. The result? You guessed it: Straight Stiff. No tip whatsoever.

We were even warned…the restaurant title that night:

Bocce Balls Roadhouse
‘Our food and wine are cheap…..but not our staff! Tip like you mean it!’
So much for subtlety.

PushoMan also has a Mercury Navigator registered in Oregon….no sales tax, you see…so he is not even helping pay for the California Highway Patrol salaries we hope will one day get his ass off the roads….or either for the maintenance of the California roads themselves, come to think of it. Like Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, David Lauriski and Bush himself…there is a clear sense of entitlement here. He is rich, therefore God loves him, therefore God lets him make his own rules. What does he need mores, ethics, societal norms for? Like his buddies…..he was born on third base, and the dipshit thinks he hit a triple.

Anyway, he works at Sotheby's International as a realtor in Carmel Valley, so if you want to buy a house from a complete scumbag..... give him them a call.


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