Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Any Port in a Storm

If anyone is surprised that our government has turned the operation of many of our major ports over to an Arab company, Dubai Ports World……don’t be.

First, of course, the conflicts of interest…..or more accurately, the ALIGNMENT of interests between the Arabs and the Bush Administration: John Snow, our Secretary of the Treasury was chairman of a big rail company that sold ITS port operations to Dubai Ports two years ago for some billions of dollars. And our new director of the U.S. Maritime Administration just left his job as head of Europe and Latin America for Dubai Ports.

This is normal. So stop complaining about the sand in the Vaseline....at least there is Vaseline.

For those who remember their Thomas Pynchon in Gravity’s Rainbow: In World War II Royal Dutch Petroleum (England) held the patent on the V2 rocket fuel being produced for Germany by Royal Dutch (Holland). All through the war, Germany paid royalties on the use of the formula to the country it was bombing with the formula. See.....Vaseline!

To crown the irony, the V2 launches took place mostly in Holland and northwest Germany, and used two radar signatures for aiming purposes. The first was the Royal Dutch tower in Amsterdam….the rockets flew directly over that one. The second was the Royal
Dutch Shell building on the south bank of the Thames in London. That defined the target area. The ultimate irony is that the Shell building, during and after the war, was the head office of the British Secret Service.

So, when the suitcase A-bomb goes off in Newark harbor in the unchecked container freshly arrived from Pakistan by way of France, the profit on the port fees will go to the Dubai Ports shareholders..... who also will have funded the radical Islamic madrasa that will have trained the bombers.

And the benefit to the U.S. citizens and taxpayers is…….ummm. The benefit is, ah……..ummm. I better get back to you on that one……There MUST be some benefit to us, or why would our President allow it to happen?

Meanwhile, pass the Vaseline.


Blogger Bennie Spiedel said...

I think that "ah……..ummm.", is the first thing you say when you realize that you are in a body bag in the back of Suburban, on the way to the Jet Center at MHR for the first leg of you all expenses paid Gulfstream V trip to a cold damp place in Poland...

N8068V was last seen on the ramp in Santa Barbara. So we know that people have been disappeared in SB!


6:38 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Clearly the appropriate literary multinational corporate reference would be M&M Enterprises (and its realworld subsidiaries Bechtel and Halliburton) ... Milo must be behind this I'm sure ... first we bomb Iraq then we rebuild it ... Boeing gets the first contract, Halliburton gets the second ... is there a cotton crop in Dubai?

B. Buck

9:03 PM  

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