Sunday, February 05, 2006


Just so we understand groveling had nothing to do with Pusho-Man. He is still a fuck-head. Or our bizarrely derangend ruling class.

This week I heard the single best talk radio quote I have heard in months. An older African American woman called in to Commie Radio to rant about the Reverse Robin Hood Spending Bill: $40 billion taken from old people, children, students and sick people to give to guys to hire a backup mechanic for the cigarette boat that sits nine months a year at the dock outside their sixth house.

Anyway, she went off: "These people are not Christians if they have never listened to the Sermon on The Mount. Just because you get your picture taken on the steps of the Church, or go to services on Sunday....that don't make you a Christian anymore than stepping into your garage makes you a damn car!!!"



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