Friday, February 24, 2006

Paranoia Strikes Deep

On Tuesday I wrote about Gulfstream V, tail number N8068V (now changed to N44982) that has been rendering enemies of The Republic to various police state countries around the world. I included a foto of the jet in its N8068V incarnation. On Tuesday, there were dozens of fotos to choose from of both jets. Today there are a total of three of N8068V, and none of its successor. The word is, the fotos are being scrubbed as a national security measure.

Taking fotos of tail numbers of jets is a national security measure because.......???

The completely ironic reality of this situation is that the planespotting geeks are so much better organized than Homeland Security that if there were ever a REAL security problem with.....say a renegade Saudi billionaire with access to Gulfstreams (oh, Michael....that would never happen! Saudis are our FRIENDS)......The geeks would have better records of take-offs and landings from which random airport to which other random airport than our own government. Seems to me.

But our guys seem really upset about this whole deal. Touchy, touchy.

Yipes! I hope I don't wind up inside N8068V. Save your copy of the now rare foto for the wake.......or delete the motherfucker, clean your drive, defrag and pray.........


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