Friday, April 28, 2006

Hu's on First......

First Neil Young album released online today. Listen to it here:

Second....slightly dated commentary about the Chinese Leader's visit to Washington. Our Feckless Leader failed to get any kind of love from Hu. Of course not, Hu is holding all the cards: a huge trade imbalance that tilts his way and China holds mass quantities of our financial instruments. George is the crackhead appealing to the dealer for another rock: "Uh, I could trade you this old rotary phone.....or these sheepskin seatcovers...they look real and they're not too dirty......" Right. Hu didn't even need to say: "How about I cash in all these T-bills and sink your economy?" Or: "How about I pay for oil in Euros instead of dollars for a while, and sink your economy?" Better hang on to those seat covers and that rotary phone, might need them.

And it is doubly bad for George, because Hu runs a country just like the one George envisions for himself....and all of us. China is run by a technically adept and ruthless oligarchy. They have absolutely no problem with security, dissent or control of media and the internet. There is a State Religion that starts with a ''C''. The middle class were actually shot (with bullets) a while back, and the workers are just smart enough to run the machines for almost nothing. The only drawback for George would be the universal health care in China, and all the public housing and transport. (But then again, if you deduct the cost of housing, health care and transportation from our wages.....we kind of bump along with the Chinese).

Anyway, give Neil a listen. And......he is on myspace. No teenage chick fights, though.


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