Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Silence is Golden, Redux

The Blog is not dead......just busy paying taxes. Don't start with me.......

A brief word: Democrats are gutless fucks, incapable of even knuckle-rapping a criminal President that gleefully pistol-whips our most basic freedoms, and laughs in my face. My old post: "DiFi is a Slimy Maggot...." Too true. In a Real World, Republicans would be censuring Bush........ Dwight Eisenhower is spinning in his grave.

Reality: the candidate that raises the most money wins the race 90% of the time. I just checked the first quarter House of Reps fundraising reports. The Republican candidates have out-grossed the Democrats by a factor of four to six times the money.....all across the board (except for two districts in Indiana). Check it out.....have whiskey handy:

So...all these miserable prick Democrats are already counting their chickens and dancing on the grave of the Republican majority. A new world beckons in the fall! DiFi is already unzipping Chevron's giant oil-swollen jeans......

Bullshit. None of MY people are giving a nickel to these gutless fucks......and rightly so. Meanwhile, we are being out-spent by six to one by the folks cashing in on the giant K-Mart Blue-Light Special that is what is left of America. It makes basic economic is better than Jesus. Pat Roberston claims that every dollar given to the Ultimately Pierced One (or His stewards) will come back ten fold. Fucking pikers. Look at Rusty Cunningham.....his pimps got back TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY FOLD. Forget separation of Church and State.....Official corruption is where it is at.

If I had a Republican Congressman, and a $100k cash in a Whole Foods bag, I could get catering built into the basic MediCare budget: every quarter, a fancy dinner party for 16 for every widow over 64......just to uphold the God-given right of every American blue-hair for fandangos, blended scotch, frozen prawns and chocolate mousse. We might bring back Duplicate Bridge. For an extra ten percent, we'll even say grace, the Pledge of Allegiance, and have the string quartet play "God Bless America. I figure $10 million for Monterey County alone, quarterly. I'll even split the take with "Michael's Catering"......not worth the bookkeeping to separate the checks.

You think I am kidding, right? Picture any industry besides catering, with an axe to grind, and bucks to be made......and the check books are out. Wake up, people.

If you have an extra nickel....I strongly urge you to go to to and give it to them. Have a sober evening, and give a Guinness for Christ. Wait for the DVD, and don't hack up the ten bucks for the new Adam Sandler flick. Or, God Save Us.....Lindsay Lohan.

If you think it is bad now.....according to statistics, it is only going to get worse. Money talks, bullshit stop talking and start walking. Diane Feinstein, Joe Lieberman, Rahm Emmanuel, Hillary Clinton, etc......Fuck 'em. Useless pricks of the Neville Chamberlain/Ellsworth Toohey caliber.

History will judge George Bush as easily the Worst President in the history, not only of America, but the World. Right along side will be the judgment of those who sat on their hands and counted their Chevron dividends. I am talking to you, Diane.

The MoveOn crew are worthy, on the other hand, and they can do magic with even a five dollar bill. They have script writers like you, filmmakers like you, web guys like you, temps like you......and they get the bang for your buck.

Do it. When Pops isn't looking, put it on his credit card. He will thank you in five years. Other than that......start studying Romanian.


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