Friday, May 05, 2006

I am Sam, Sam I am....

This will be quick, and I will fill in later. Bullet points only, as my new friend the investigative reporter at KCBS says.

Last December I bought some ''wild'' salmon from a guy. I expected it would be frozen filets from Port Moller, as usual. They arrived fresh, which means farm salmon....the horrible devil fucked thing I would not give my cat.......and I don't like my cat.

I pursued the deal....tracked down the fucker (Gino Parisi at Royal Seafoods in Monterey) and got documentary evidence of his and Sierra Meat's complicity in selling farm fish ($2 per pound) as wild fish ($7 per pound). I wrote the NOAA, the Fish and Game, State Department of Agriculture, Federal Trade Commission, asswipe Diane Feinstein (corporate whore extraordinaire), Barbara Boxer, Sam Farr, John Laird (state assembly) and even Republican cocksucker Abel Maldonado, my State Senator. I even gave Abel's chief of staff an internet lesson in the evils of farm fish.......Republican evils, not tree-hugger evils. I also emailed my county supervisor, Dave Potter.

Guess who got back to me and did something. Right. Potter. And only Potter. He actually got a County DA Investigator to check things out. This guy, of course, locked on to the only website in our known Universe supporting farm fishing (the carotenoid dyes used to turn the captive fish from corpse gray to pale pink might help your vision, you see. Carrots. Bugs Bunny. Like that) ......Oh, well.

Whatever. I got over it. The Sierra Meat people didn't, though. I get treated like Nelson Mandela at a Jesse Helms birthday bash. COD, only. Premium prices. Every order fucked up in some way. I gotta work and pay the bills, here.

So, today I puruse my newspaper. Surprise! On the business page, Sierra Meat has been busted for selling endangered bear meat, kangaroo meat, and endangered Burmese eel meat as rattlesnake.

They do a $90 million dollar business locally.......and paid a $50,000 fine. ( We do about $30,000 per year business with them.)

When I saw the article, I wondered what had happened to my I called Sam Farr's office, for the fifth time. I wondered why no one had called me back.....or even sent a form letter. Bonnie answered the phone in Monterey.

She was puzzled what I thought Sam could do for me. "What do you want the Congressman to do?''

Let's see: A felon cocksucker is engaging in interstate fraud, running into millions of dollars....that is stealing money from consumers, retailers and restaurateurs.....and simultaneously helping destroy a key industry in Monterey. Fishing is economically, culturally, historically, and socially a hugely important industry in our town. Should I buy a vastly expensive boat and maintain it, pay large fees and buy expensive licenses, risk my life and that of my family and workers (and pay huge Workman Comp expenses), pay more than three bucks a gallon for diesel to fuel my expensive boat..........and lose my shirt to a weenie fuck like Gino Parisi who is selling awful fucked fraudulent farm fish as the wild fish I have to fight for?

And it has gotten worse since December. In December a wild fish was worth $4.50 a pound. Now it is worth double. And the farm fish price remains the same. So the impetus to cheat has doubled.

No, Bonnie.....I can't imagine what my elected Congressman could do about flagrant violation of the law and common decency. But then, I am just a dumb chef.

Bonnie asked me for specifics. I mentioned Gino's name. She informed me that she owns a fish store, and has known Gino's family for years.....and they would never do this kind of thing. I told her that I have the phony paperwork, that I have testimony of a little old lady we sent in to buy wild fish from Gino in December....and came out with fresh farm fish. Again and again.

She hung up on me.

So....if you think the Republicans have a lock on official corruption.....think again. Sam Farr's Monterey office manager is a business partner of a proved fraud and cheat. I wonder why I have had no response about this continuing fraud from Sam's office.

It just goes to show that small amounts of money are hugely important in politics. What is some slimy prick like Gino Parisi worth to Sam Farr, or his office manager? Peanuts compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars the fraud brings in. Duke Cunningham only took in two million bucks in exchange for $250 million dollars of corrupt contracts. Dianne Feinstein went to the wall for Chevron on her Foreign Torts scam, only to be caught at the last minute. What were Chevron's donations to DiFi, compared to their potential savings from immunity from litigation for negligence from the entire world?

And look around. The President of the United States has admittedly violated American law repeatedly.....and all but two Democrats are standing on the sidelines with their hands in their pockets......Well, I thought their hands were in their pockets.....Maybe their hands are out?

Fucking disgusting.


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