Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Maybe I need a nap....

We just worked twelve days straight. No computer. No emails. God forbid I should go to the actual mail box.

This kind of dissociation is what the Chinese were looking for in the concentration camps during the Korean War.....the Manchurian Candidate. The subject becomes malleable, directable, programmable.....Like I am now. Call me, I will cook for you. I can't say no.

No, duh. This is the New Millenium! I don't need to go back to the Korean War for fuck's sake. How about Guantanamo? Or the White House Press Room. Talk about mind control.

Or the United States Senate. My former Senator, Diane Fuckstein, just voted today to approve General Reinhard Heydrich as the new head of the CIA. I already knew she was a miserable whore (c.f. ''Foreign Torts Act'') for Chevron and other corporate pimps, but this is really too much. The guy in charge of trashing the first and fourth amendments is now in charge of trashing the first and fourth amendments....with a bullet and an oak leaf cluster.

I am no longer a Democrat. I quit. Fuck those gutless groveling useless cunts. I will devote all of my minimal time to return to my roots....the Grand Old Party. I was Richard Nixon in the sixth grade in Orange County.....and I WON!!!

Then, I discover that Diane Cuntstein not only voted for Heydrich....but she and Arlen ''Addam's Family'' Specter are introducing a bill to rewind history and RETROACTIVELY LEGALIZE WIRETAPPING AMERICAN CITIZENS WITHOUT WARRANTS!!

The FISA act already allows free reign for wiretapping and other wildass surveillance for 72 hours without a warrant. Bush's violation of even this loose privilege is such a blatant stomping of the law that he should not just be impeached, he should be stuffed in a goddam bottle and floated out on the Japanese current to some friendlier China, or Indonesia. Somewhere where the people in power don't give a shit about their subjects and seek only to enrich themselves and their friends. Like San Diego.

Fuck Dianne Feinstein. I am so glad my friend Michael Monckton puked on her shoes......Even though it was a waste of perfectly good puke.

Then, on the last day of the run.......We were doing a lunch for Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. The nurses in the basement. The legal route was: wait for valet parking, drag all my shit through the front door, up the hall, wait for the elevator, down to the basement, back down the long hallway to the office.

Or......bump the curb, park next to the bus stop and go in the emergency exit and walk 20 feet with the half ton of shit. A no brainer.

All good. Did the drop. Drove across town to El Charrito, parked in the lot behind the store with the homeless dudes and maued burritos washed down with Gruet Rosé and read the new Lee Child novel. Heaven. Saint Peter had a plastic bag full of recycle.

Came time for the pick up. Bumped the curb. Hauled out the plates, platters and trash. Just as I was finishing, the gardener dude came rolling up in his cart.

"You no be here!! You bad man! You park on lawn." I was dumbfounded. He started pounding on my Jaguar. ''You no be here!"

I snapped. "No! You're not fucking supposed to be here, Juan! Wrong fucking country! YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE, YOU FUCK!"


"YOU.... ARE not supposed to be HERE, you fuck!"

The guy ran like a guy running for the border......

Maybe I need a nap......


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