Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stephen Colbert Has Huge Brass Balls

It occurred to me that maybe not everyone has seen Stephen Colbert's roast of The President last weekend at the White House Correspondent's Dinner.

Links to the tape of the roast were just yanked from YouTube, and not by Colbert's people since various ''The Word'' segments are still up. Therefore, the White House Press Association pulled the clips. Fair and balanced.

The Colbert Report is sometime too painful to watch......and watching the roast is excruciating. Colbert stood ten feet from The President and cut loose on him. It was like the scene in Hamlet: Hamlet does a mini play for the court of his uncle murdering his father the King and marrying his mom, and King Claudius and Gertrude are forced to watch and clap politely. (Actually, Laura Bush refused to shake Colbert's hand after the performance). I am surprised Colbert made it home alive, and stunned that there is still video out there to watch.

You have to see it: or search at DailyKos. Colbert's own website ( ) also has it.

The MainStream Media's take on Colbert's performance was that he bombed. Mothertucker Carlson said that is was the biggest and most embarrassing flop in TV history.....right up there with Roseanne's butchering of the National Anthem.

No.....he was grinding those gutless fucks and the Teflon Chimp mercilessly, and they were stunned and embarrassed into silence. And, next day they were deafening in their silence.

If you want to say ''Thank You!'' there is another website: This morning it had 43,000 recorded thank-you's. I just checked tonight, and the site had crashed from too much traffic.

Colbert rated a slot as one of Time Magazine's Top 100 most influential people in this week's issue. The blurb was written by NBC anchor Brian Williams, who points out that Colbert's show gets only a million viewers a day....tiny compared to the 25-30 million who watch him. Still, virtually all of Colbert's viewers are in the advertising world's most sought after age group, the 18-35 crew. You guys don't have much money.....but you spend every nickel you can lay your hands on.

Where is the disconnect between being courted and stalked by advertisers and manufacturers and completely ignored by politicians? You have no health insurance, a medieval minimum wage structure, Medicare and Social Security will be bankrupt before you get there, and they are borrowing from your retirement to give fat tax breaks to the tycoons who own the companies where you work making latt├ęs for seven bucks an hour.

Oh, yeah. I remember. You don't vote, and you don't give any money to the few politicians with balls enough go to bat for you.

At least you have the two smartest comedians on the planet on your team in Colbert and Jon Stewart. My generation had Bobby Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy as inspirational leaders. How ironic is it that the ballsiest political voice in your court right now is a comedian?

Come to think of it, except for Jack Murtha and Russ Feingold, Stephen Colbert is the ballsiest voice I can see ANYWHERE.


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