Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hillybilly Bocce Madness, Part I

Our crew of Old School Cachagua residents, affectionately known as “The Crack Heads”…..even though our regulars have graduated to Bud 12-packs only……They kind of look like crackheads.....but don't make jokes: they are running on the pure and natural Anheuser-Busch and they will beat your ass if you so much as hint otherwise. This is the same crew that pretty much did all the work on the Memorial Day project: Jay, and Fred….and Grant, and Silent John, and Horseshoe John, and Ed the Hippy Pot Grower.

The boys have taken over our lighted horseshoe pit and turned it into Hillbilly Bocce. Hours of work smoothing the DG….hours carrying in the buckets of stolen DG. It is a really nice spot: Cachagua Creek flows by a couple of feet away, our herb garden is right there, there are lights, and ice cold Newcastle drafts about 15 feet off. Eat your heart out, Del Rey Beach.

Bocce is the Cachagua National Sport…..and religion. The boys can be found there at most hours that the fish aren’t biting. It requires no investment, and there is no time frame. The difference between Cachagua and Florida shuffleboard: our guys are completely non-competitive. Rolling balls down the DG court is a form of meditation, and a profoundly social endeavor.

Last Sunday, during a break from Sunday Brunch I was sitting by the Creek. The Boys were on break, and having a cold one on our back patio. They were discussing the rumor that the old Rex’s Bar in the Prince’s Camp trailer park….the most notorious bar in Monterey County in its time…..was going to be turned into a church.

There was a church here until the floods in ’87, just up the creek from The Store. There is a long, conceptual story about the church and the church’s septic tank that we inherited. Anyway, apparently God recognized the inherent godlessness of Cachagua and smote the believers right the fuck out of here.

So, the re-appearance of a church here would be a big deal….and a church at Rex’s….would be like the O’Farrell Brother’s flashlight club in The City being turned into an Orthodox Synagogue.

I wondered what The Boys would say. I crept closer, under the guise of turning the compost.

Silent John said: “Who would worship at a church at Rex’s?”


Grant: “It is obvious:

Crystal Meth-odists…..”


Blogger Bennie Spiedel said...

It's obvious, there is only one reverend in the entire USA who is qualified to dedicate the Church of Rex...

Call or email Rev. Billy at once. Get him booked, set a date, I'll be there. He needs to visit Monterey County and bring the sanity of "NO BLING" ASAP...


7:58 AM  

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