Friday, January 26, 2007

Spanish Flies...

San Sebastian

Computers here are a challenge. They are the only way in which Spanish life lags ours.....Every ten minutes the machine dumps your it is like a poetry slam trying to get something out. Apparently no one spends more than five minutes on an email! "Sorry this is so long......I didn´t have time to make it short......" Mark Twain.

Just a brief word of personal thanks to Our President. Thanks for making all Americans look like complete dicks to Europeans. Ignorant, clumsy, uncultured, bullying.......Dicks. It takes a toll in every interaction and conversation to establish that you are not "one of those." Exhausting. At one restaurant we had to have a Basque call and make the reservation in Basque. At our favorite pintxos bar there is a chalkboard with "Bush-it" in giant letters. Luckily I was wearing the exact same t-shirt......

Speaking of exhaust: our tiny little car, a Peugeot Something, get 60 miles to the gallon. Yeah, gas is a million dollars a gallon, but.......You can drive all day long.......dawn to dark..... for $25 in gas so gives a shit how much it costs per litre? And the little thing parks anywhere; thousands of them jam into tiny streets and on highways; you can leave your charming little street alone because they all fit........It has four doors, goes like a bat out of hell, has a trunk.......why can´t I buy one in the US? True, if you die. So.....don´t crash!!

Just a brief cultural note. We are trapped in San Sebastian by massive snow we are watching TV while sobering up each afternoon......aka "siesta". Turns out a major movie star recently got nude fotos published on the front page of Spain´s People magazine. She handled it very well, low key. She was on the Spanish Letterman last night. The cameraman, most of the crew and half the audience took off their clothes in support.......All on network TV.

Wow......I really love Spain!!!


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