Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy St. Paddy's!! Racist bastards......

There was a time......when referring to an Irish person as a ''paddy'' was like calling an African a "nigger" or "kafir".

When was this? A hundred years ago? No. Oh, last year...... in England......

"Paddy Wagon"? for police arrest vehicle.....think "Nigger-Be-Good Flashlight" for Mag-Light.

South Park hit a home run last weekend when they had the "Wheel of Fortune" final question be: "People Who Annoy You". The puzzle was "N*GGERS".

Kartman's dad guessed wrong.....The answer was "Naggers", not what he thought.

We went one further after Gen. Peter Pace's comments about gays. Our menu from Monday:

People That Annoy You Roadhouse

*AGGOTS or N*GGERS? (Check your racism at the door!)

11 March 2007

-Cachagua Valley


Duncan’s Pizza: Corralitos sausage, smoked ham and bacon; artichoke hearts, jalapenos, and mushrooms $7.00 and $12.00

Micah’s Pizza: Crème fraiche, Corralitos ham, carmelized onions, fresh basil leaves, fresh and domestic mozzarella $7.00 and $12.00

Cate’s Pizza: Shiitake mushrooms, carmelized onions, fennel, asiago 7.00/$12.00

Soup: Cream of Four Mushrooms (Shiitake, Chanterelle, Porcini, etc….vegetarian) $4.50

Fresh Local Dungeness Crab Cake with Meyer Lemon/Rosemary Aioli $7.50

Terrine of Duck and Rabbit with Roasted Apples and Celeri-Rave Apple Purée $4.50

Brendan’s Roasted Beets, Arugula and Goat Cheese Salad $5.50

Cool Salad of Jicama, Blood Orange and Cumin Salad $4.50

Polenta Fritter with Shitakes, Maple Braised Pork Belly $6.50

Cachagua Caesar Salad $4.50

Zolan’s Blue Cheese Iceberg Wedge $4.50

House Butter Leaf Salad with Brendan’s Redneck Ranch Dressing (mmmmm)$4.50


Served with organic King City asparagus, Bemidji canoe picked wild rice , and roasted creamer potatoes

Grilled Aussie Natural Grass-Fed Beef Filet with Porcini Cream $16.00

Syrah Braised Wyoming Buffalo Short Ribs with Leeks and Heirloom Carrots $16.00

Pan Roasted Petrale Sole with Fennel Pollen and Basil/Yuzu Oil $14.50

Conejo Caçater (Catalan Braised Rabbit with Leeks, Tomatoes, and Pecans) $14.00

Mesquite Grilled Creekstone Farms Tri tips of Beefs $11.00

Duck Confit with Braised Endive and Szalay Raspberry Reduction $14.00

Oven Roasted Fulton Valley Brined Organic Chicken $12.50

New Zealand Double Venison Chop with Szalay, etc $20.00

Saffron Linguine (Ours) with Trout Caviar, Quail Eggs, Jamon Iberico and Mushrooms $14.00


Grilled Jet Fresh Maui Pineapple with Ginger Ice Cream

Michel Cluizel Single Source African Chocolate Cremas Inglése, Sea Salts and Olive Oil

Txema’s Crema Catalan

Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream

Death by Brownie with Caramel Mousse

Susan’s Jamesburg Apple Blueberry Pie

Michael’s Savory Course: Compots and Cheese

Roasted Apples with Apple Syrup and White Chocolate Zabaglione

MAGGOTS, dummy. Even in high school in the sixties I had a button: "In England...we BURN faggots....."

But.......forget all that.....

In RacistLanguageLand.....who was the Number One Guy last week?

No, no....not Al Sharpton!!

Rev. Al was just on The Daily Show. At the end of the segment he said mentioned that even though his name is a by-product of slavery (actually the name of the slaveholders who owned his grandfather back when) he would not "denigrate" his grandfather's memory by..........saying something negative.

The continuing problem with racism in America and the world is that it is systemic....and built into the language and culture. We don't even notice that it is there.

The term "denigrate" means to blacken or defame, coming from the root Latin word "niger" for "black" black is a bad thing? I mean......NEGATIVE is kind of racist if you think about the roots.......forget "denigrate"......

Where I come from Black is still Beautiful. How depressed am I to hear Rev. Al, of all people....use a culturally loaded word to describe his own family? The Reverend is the wordsmith; let's get him better tools. How about "besmirch"?

Anyway, I am going off about this on the most racist of all our Anglo Holidays.....St. Patrick's Day.

I am forced, serve corned beef and cabbage in The Bar. Guinness and Harp sales go up markedly.

Corned beef and cabbage is not Irish. It is the cuisine of oppression.

The middle of the Civil War....ours, not Iraq's....coincided with the denouement of the Great Famine in Ireland. Three million Irish people died or emigrated because of British racism, agricultural policy and a fungus...... starting in the late 1840's. England continued to export corn , cows and horses from Ireland while the people who produced them starved....for a dozen years. Darfur is nothing new.

Many of the emigrants fought in the Civil War, and are happily providing compost to this day for tobacco farms in The South. Many more signed on as laborers for building the TransContinental Railway across America. The Irish dug West....the Chinese dug it should be.

By this time the Great Plains had been scoured of buffalo and most of the pesky indigenous peoples. The Irish, having left a country where they had to compete with English export cattle for the grass that grew in the meadows.....were grateful to be dry and fed anything more filling than fescue.

American Industry responded. Slaughter the cows that replaced the Natives and the buffalo, and feed the grateful Irish just enough protein to sustain life and continue to dig.

Problem....refrigeration had not been invented.

Solution: Pour into the beef enough salt and toxins to destroy any bacterial action in the cow flesh, and keep the protein safe to rebuild the Irish muscles necessary to dig the railroad.

Problem: The Irish, deprived of the grass they used to live on in Ireland ....are dying of scurvy, or their teeth fall out and their cartilage fails to the point they can't chew the Toxic Beef....and they are useless with the shovels.....

Solution: Cabbage! Really cheap to grow! Just enough Vitamin C to sustain life. Add potatoes to barely supply enough amino acids to complete the proteins to get the rails built. Even so twice as many Irish died building the railroad as did in the War. We won't even talk about the Chinese....Egg Foo Young, anyone?

Serving Irish people corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day is like serving Jews a thin gruel on Krystal Nacht, making them dress in striped clothing and shooting all the laggers.

We could have a big parade up Fifth Avenue and all get drunk. Starve the Jew! Work him to death. What a party!!

Unfortunately, Irish people turned to alcohol to self-medicate, and it became cute. Jews turned to......don't start me. I would hate to be accused of racism.

Our how about this: have a holiday serving black people pig guts, ditch weed and agricultural waste on their holidays....

Whoops! Chitlins, greens and grits.

The cuisine of racism........

Look around, people. It is much easier to characterize a people than to embrace them.

So.....what can we do? Take a Republican to lunch?

Irish Republicans don't count.


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