Monday, June 11, 2007

Devolution update....

Late breaking update:

In an apparent ratification of the creationist values enshrined in the Creation Museum in Ohio, the world's lowest lifeform underwent startling and miraculous evolution yesterday.....right before our eyes!

Paris Hilton has been given a new chance by God......

Our sources tell us the spirit of William Shakespeare, desperate and depressed at the spiritual and intellectual state of the world, and impatient and chilly waiting for his embryo to be rescued from the frozen vault in Lynchburg.......has evicted the former spirit of Miss Hilton and is now resident in the Twin Towers jail in Los Angeles.

In an exclusive collect phone call to Barbara Walters, Ms/Mr Shakespeare said "All those tomorrows, creeping at that petty pace.....I couldn't take it. I am back."


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