Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cachagua...Community.....Dogs......Love.....all that shit.

Crisis puts all kinds of stresses on people....emotional, ethical, spiritual, physical....all that.

My buddy Ciney had his dog get sick....probably parvo........two days before he had to fly to Brazil to deal with his mom, brother and a bunch of other family stuff. The vet was negative....his significant other is.......difficult.

Ciney put his buddy down rather than deal with the bullshit. And cried all the way to Brazil.

Cachagua is often me as well as outsiders.... for being a nest of crack-heads, loonies, thieves, misfits and fuckheads. People cut up my garden hoses to siphon gas from my work trucks. They steal my electricity to charge their mobile homes. They steal our water to fill waterbeds in the back of their trucks to water their crops on the mountain.

In the middle of the Xabi crisis we got a tip from The Richest Man in the World......$1200. This is the guy that has Clint Eastwood drive his friends to the airport for him, and a guy who had already tipped everyone hundreds of dollars in cash in person.

The first day's bill for Xabi was $1200, and we were so thankful that we had the money to fund his rescue.

That was Wednesday. Then there was Thursday and Friday.

When we went in to pull him out on Friday afternoon, the poor beleaguered receptitionist....who has to get the money from all the friggin' being the cashier at a Moscow whorehouse......said "No charge. The bill has been paid."

"What the fuck?"

"No.....a man came in, and said he loved Xabi....and wanted to pay his bill. There is no charge."


I did some forensic bank is their bank.

Xabi's angel is a guy who sold his property in Cachagua and lives in his van now.....a technically homeless guy. He is studying Spanish and might try to drive to Costa Rica. He likes my soup.

A homeless guy from Cachagua paid the huge rescue bill for my dog because........he loves Xabi.

Maybe there is hope for humanity after all.....


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