Saturday, January 12, 2008

Who needs a vacation?

So.....we finally made it away from Cachagua for Spain. Just as we left we got news that the entire assembled weight of Monterey County was falling on Jensen Camp: Code Enforcement, regular Sheriffs, Animal Control, Child Protective Serrvices........evictions and property seizures of the poor and helpless by the mighty in the middle of winter. A scene straight out of "Les Miserables".....and not the musical......with Javert played by Phil Higgenbotham.

Have a nice vacation!

Why were we flying across the world for vacation anyway? My last walk with the dogs up the mountain was as gorgeous in its own way as any in the Pyrenees. There is so much work to can we justify taking time off, anyway? Leaving Brendan with the phones, dogs, birds......The Store......the Camp. What were we thinking? This is wrong......

After twenty hours of driving, flying, waiting, searching frantically for lost luggage....and still depressed and worried about things at home.......the plane touched down in Bilbao. The immigration took 10 seconds. The bags were right there, ten feet away. Customs and security was two nice soldiers who laughed at Amanda's voice and waved us through .....and this is a country with actual, functioning terrorists.

Then the rent a car lady....a gorgeous, shy, dark haired wonder with a beautiful Castillian voice that you could spread on bread. Kind, concerned......and just the flow of her words....the lilt and the cadence as she described the franquicia (whatever that is....) washed away all the fears, stress and exhaustion.

She showed us our little car.....a 60 mpg Alfa Romeo 147 diesel....and I actually teared up as if I was hearing an aria from Aida at The Met.

All emotional over the supermodel rent-a-car lady and the Alfa?.....

Maybe I DO need a vacation.....


Blogger Bennie Spiedel said...


As Henry Ford said in 1932, "Every time an Alfa Romeo passes by I raise my hat in pure respect."

60 mpg, fun to drive, and capable of BluTech zero emission in California. If you see Frank Stephenson tell him to hurry up and put Alfa back in California...

Enjoy the vacation


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