Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A few posts back I talked about 1968 rearing its ugly head again.

Today I was reading my New York Magazine (Feb 18 issue) and in the center section I was baffled. Products to watch included a portable typewriter. A Princess phone. Huh? Kitschy comeback. The restaurant section had a whole thing about women in pants suits being denied entry to fancy restaurants like: Cote Basque (Lynda Bird Johnson was made to don a paper skirt); Lafayette (Ethel Kennedy was not allowed further than the bar, even though she had a broken leg in a big cast: "Madame, today you wear a pants suit. Tomorrow? Your birthday suit?").

The hot restaurants were Maxwell's Plum.....Lutece; Cote Basque; Szechuan Taste; 21. The style paige showed a paisleyed beauty and a long-haired guy in stripes who talked about difficulties in the business world with his long hair. There was a room designed by Frank Stella.

What the hell? Jane and I got thrown out of Lafayette, too.....for the same reason. And Jane in those days looked like Julie Neumar (the original Catwoman....she still does, come to think of it). My friend and mentor chef Etienne Merle dumpster dived Lutece and found Knorr-Swiss powdered hollandais and powdered demi-glace. The proprietess of Cote Basque was Henri Soule of the Pavillon's mistress and cashier. Maxwell's Plum was owned by the same guys as Tavern on the Green, where I worked......and you had to bribe the bartenders for a seat at the bar and introduction to hot chicks....or any chick at all. Frank Stella's nephew Jack was my massage teacher at Mid-Valley, and lives in a mobile home behind Monterey Institute of Touch.

How do I know this? Aren't all these people dead?

Well, yes. It was a flashback edition. From 1968.

Whew. I guess everyone is doing this nostalgia thing.

Meanwhile, the reason I brought up 1968 was that whole stirring of hope feeling I was getting from the Obama phenomenom. After that post, I came in to work and found a wrapped present of both of Barack's books.....a gift from a reader. Wow. Thanks!

The dark side of the 1968 thing was my fear that The Machine will eat Barack. Today, Dianne Feinstein endorsed Hillary. DiFi is the Dick Cheney of the Democrats.....the Dark Force of Horrible Corruption. "Luuuke! I am not your.....mother.....) Why would DiFi jump onto a sinking ship? Does she know something?

Forty years ago two assassinations ended that whole "dream" thing. I hoped that Barack has some good security.

It turns our Barack has had Secret Service guys longer than any recent candidate. The Senate made a point of getting the guys with the plastic earpieces on the case last May. Barack plays basketball with the boys. All is good.

Except for this, reported by my Seattle friend, Jesus' General (The General is not a Homosexual).

There is a nutball right wing radio nut named Hal Turner (a former Republican official and congressional candidate, FBI informant and regular Sean Hannity guest) On his show the other day, and on his website, he had this to say on the possiblity that Barak Obama may be the Democratic nominee:

The REAL Barack Obama:

Is THIS the type of guy you want running America? I Don't!

In fact, I'm starting to come to the realization that it may be up to a sole person, acting alone, to make certain this guy is never allowed to hold the most powerful office in the world. Sorry it may have to be that way, but it may.

Uh......freedom of speech? This same guy posted the home address of a federal judge in Chicago who had ruled in an abortion case. The judge was later her home.

I think I have a headache........


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