Sunday, February 10, 2008

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One feature of our soon-to-be-not-lamented Republican media machine is the famous "talking points". On a given Sunday on every news show and from every political hack the same words or phrases would spew forth: "cut and run", etc.

This weekend on liberal and middle of the road talk shows I heard four times the line that Europeans much prefer Hillary Clinton because of her international experience. That she is a known factor they are comfortable with and her presidency will go a long way to heal the wounds inflicted by the self-absorbed jingoistic Bushies, ere these last eight years.


In a month in Europe, reading a minimum of two newspapers a all my languages......I saw virtually nothing about Hillary. She is perceived as an old-school hack, representing a dated outlook, not much better than Bush. Well, anything is better than Bush.....even that dogshit on my shoe.

In Italy and Spain, the first thing people do is look at your shoes. There is no hiding your nationality, no matter how fluent your language skills.

At one glance: Hillary is Florsheim, baby......soooo last century.

All the buzz is Barak. He made the cover of the New York Times Sunday Magazine of Spain.....and there were at least one or two articles about him on page two of every paper, every day. Spain, France, England, Italy, Germany.

My impression is that America has so screwed up our deal with our friends and allies that they have almost stopped listening. The fact that they still believe in us at all is a mystery to me. I barely believe in us.

"Show us you have changed. Get in a program. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life......"

My Dad was/is a famous alcoholic. He was a banker, with roots that go back to LA in the fifties, and worked with all the Nixon people who eventually went to jail....Maurice Stans, Haldeman, etc. The fact of life in Los Angeles Banking World was the two martini lunch, which was really the three martini lunch....and there were always thermoses for the two and a half hour, 17 mile commute back to Anaheim. I am not dissing the man.....I would have bypassed gin and gone straight to heroin, believe me. And at Seventh and Spring in 1958 there were probably both, in quantity.

Dad drank his way to New York and became a headhunter for banks, and eventually stopped drinking. I was pleased to hear, and pleased to go out to dinner with Pops when I was passing through the Apple one time on my way back from Europe.

Dad was flush, so he took me to The Ivy, and he had a good table. I congratulated Dad on his new life, just as the waiter came up for the order.

"Can I get you gentleman a cocktail?"

Dad: "Thanks. I'll have a Scotch and soda."

"Dad, I thought you stopped drinking!"

"Well, I did!



But to Dad, Scotch and soda was a soft drink......

Meanwhile, for us. Switching from Bush to Hillary will be like switching from Scotch to Chardonnay and claiming you have a handle on the problem.....We need to get in touch with our higher power and swear off all that old-school hooch.

So....I am not buying that talking point shit. Hillary may have experience, but it for a lot of our European friends it was a bad experience, or at least a dull headache. Like many of us, they are looking for a fresh outlook, and one possibly based on honesty and facts.

Oh, and that whole "Hope" thing......

And the fact that the Clinton's seem to be adopting the Republican "style-over-substance" routine is disturbing. Well, it did work for Goebbels, back in the day..........

Meanwhile, Obama wins Maine....2-1.

Do you think Super-Delegate Dianne Feinstein is listening? Those of you who felt violated in 2000 and 2004, break out the stainless steel undies. Here they come again. The System will not be denied......

Chardonnay, anyone?


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