Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We ain't racist......

Reality check.

Other countries....who have experienced actual diversity (Spain has more than half female ministers, including a pregnant Defense Minister, for instance) are completely puzzled my American media coverage of our Presidential campaign.

The entire US media is obsessing over Jeremiah Wright and how his relationship with Barack Obama will affect the Presidential race.

In Europe.....having access to actual facts, and actual journalists.......and having news programs that have the luxury of actually exploring ideas in depth......they are puzzled: why does Barack get flack from a minister who says things that are patently true, if phrased incredibly poorly....a minister he has distanced himself from.....when John McCain gets a free ride for enthusiastically embracing the support of a radically homophobic, sexist, religious lunatic?

Reverend Hagee disagrees with domestic violence laws because they distort the sanctity of the home and family by undermining the Man's authority over Woman....and continues to assert that New Orleans deserved Katrina for allowing a Gay Pride parade. And this is not news......because????

And this is not racist....because????

People are going on and on and back and forth about Hillary and Barack and the change in the opinion polls over bowling and orange juice and Rev. Wright.

In Europe......they understand that the fight is over. Hillary Clinton has lost mathematically and factually. Only the US media can save her now....and they are hard at work at their task.

Watch this.

Hillary has adopted the strategy and ideas of Karl Rove in attempting to destroy Barack Obama so that she can achieve her God given right to rule America. If she were in Europe, the media would have already caught her in her 101 Dalmatian fur coat.....but American MSM gives her a free pass.....and we won't even talk about John McCain's free pass. Yet.

Obama is so non-confrontational that his people are down-playing Hillary's Glenn Close channelling, rabbit-boiling persona as........nothing the Republicans won't try later.

Wrong.....there is a legion of young...and old....folk looking for leadership in what some would call a new direction, but what is actually an old, tried and true, American direction: hope, peace, progress, intelligence, humanity. The direction that caused the rest of the world to pay attention to us and put faith in us to begin with.

My young people are already giving up on the Democrats.....and making plans to abandon the process and/or emigrate.....and they are not kidding.

Check out what Ted Sorenson had to say in this week's New York Times Magazine Q and A:

Ted Sorenson worked for John F. Kennedy for 11 years as an advisor and speechwriter. (I hate having to put that note in there for the Carmel High kids........)

As the so-called poet of Camelot, are there any lines or phrases even one you are willing to claim authorship of? I acknowledge that I played a large part in the American University commencement speech on peace on June 10, 1963. “What kind of a peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war.”

Was your working relationship with J.F.K. the great love affair of your life? Yes, of course.

Barack Obama, whom you’ve endorsed, has been compared to J.F.K., probably because of his youth and charisma. By me.

Do you find the comparisons facile? Not my own.

What do you make of Hillary’s comment that Obama’s promises and speeches are “just words”? Kennedy’s rhetoric when he was president turned out to be a key to his success. His mere words about Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba helped resolve the worst crisis the world has ever known without the U.S. having to fire a shot.

Isn’t it melodramatic to call the Cuban missile crisis the worst crisis ever? What about, say, World War I? With all due respect, with World War I the survival of the earth was not at stake.

When will the contest for a Democratic candidate end? I think it’s likely to be almost as close as it was for Kennedy at the Democratic convention in 1960. We felt that he had to be nominated by the first ballot because if it ever went to a backroom he wouldn’t emerge. Probably the same is true of Obama.

Don't blow this, boys and girls.......


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