Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Breaking Wind.....

This is just a quickie......I am trying not to vent over the miserable Bitch from Hell who nearly wrecked our week. No, the BfH is not Hillary......she no longer has that power.

And the BhH is not Dianne Feinstein, either. My friend Keith sent me a foto today (as an amulet) of The Arroyo Seco Wild Irish Pig Company in full regalia at an early 80's St. Patrick's Day Parade in San Francisco.
Note the fine example of American 4wd Technology in our Vehicle of Choice.

As PapaRosen points out our future, the John McCain future that Hillary has envisioned for us in the next four years before She Rises From the Ashes.....all vehicles will be Manual Transmission, and all weapons will be Fully Automatic. (In the foto, you can't see the Chopper....or the Mini-14's stashed under the back seat of The Vehicle.....)

Since this is early 80' will notice that our Vehicle of Choice has not been modified to Only Turn Left.....the NASCAR standard that will apply in the McCain Years. McCain's genius energy policy stroke of mandating Only Left Turns will cut America's gas consumption in half. So obvious....and such a Maverick Move. Anyone else on the Republican side would have mandated Only Right Turns. Proof positive that Maverick McCain will unite us all.....with Hillary's blessing.

Once we get rid of That Pesky Negro......

Note also the presence of the roasted Wild Boar Skull Rampant on the front of the Vehicle of Choice.

Shortly after this foto was taken, the driver of The Michael McKenzie Monckton.....stopped the parade, emerged from The Vehicle..... in front of the reviewing stand.....and vomited all over the shoes of Dianne Feinstein. Irish Whiskey, Guinness and Purple LSD trimmings were involved....but hey, it was 11am. Early, but not to early to recognize a great opportunity for political expression.

It was pouring rain. All of us were soaked to the skin with rain, beer, whiskey....and baby wild boar piss. I dropped the Company off at The Dovre Club and raced downtown in The Vehicle to buy fresh clothes.....Macy's Union Square. I was a Sunday.

I ran in....bought a ton of Levi's and Pendleton shirts....sox and undies.... for The Company. When I emerged....

Someone had stolen the Roasted Wild Boar Skull Rampant from the front of The Vehicle of Choice!

Only in San Francisco.

I am sure it was Nancy Pelosi and her left-wing, Lesbian cabal.........and those damn Jews and Islamo-fascists. I am sure they did not EAT the Boar Skull....they certainly had sex with it.

Anyway.....back to the point. Today, John McCain held a news conference about Global Warming, and his energy policy. Some dim bulb has gone off in the back of his skull and he has realized that not everyone is totally stoked about the George Walker Bush way of doing things....and that not everyone hates Negroes. John McSame needs to get back to that whole Maverick thing.

So, he stands in front of a wind farm in Oregon. Johnny Boy points out that even Polar Bears are doing something about Global is about time that humans get the picture as well.

Irony is officially dead in the Republican Party. What Polar Bears are doing about Global Warming is......

Dying in droves......


The further irony is that the wind turbines this vicious, addled cocksucker is standing in front of are Danish. It is the Vestas Wind Energy Training Facility. Vestas has a quarter of the world market in the wind energy business.....and the country of Denmark already supplies a fifth of its energy from wind.

Vestas has had a huge head start.....because the Danish government (a signer of Kyoto) has given alternative energy a big boost and focus.

The kind of boost and focus that John WindBag McCain has voted against 75% of the time.

We could have had these jobs....all of the jobs, instead of the 400 measly concrete-pouring jobs Vestas has for the entire US.

Not only has McCain and his buddies voted against wind energy research....the pathetic tax incentives that did survive the Clinton years are due to expire in November......and depend upon the Republicans being defeated to pass and make the Vestas Wind Energy Training Facility that WindBag McCain is standing in front of even possible to complete.

This dismal, senile motherfucker and his handlers are so cynical that he has not only not supported alternative energies....but he has been absent for every vote in recent that the League of Conservation Voters has no rating for him at all!

And.......As the Center for American Progress reported:

In 2002 and 2005, there were votes in the Senate to require utilities nationwide to generate 10 percent or 20 percent of their electricity from renewable energy resources. Sen. McCain voted against renewable electricity every time. I sat in my psychiatrist's office, waiting to re-up my yearly dose of that I can summon the energy to get out of bed and go to work........I read some random Eco magazine about wind energy in Upstate New Homeland.

Upstate New York people are gnarly. The weather is awful. Minus 30 to 110 with 100% humidity. Upstate New York has townie rugby teams......and their home fields are in the shadow of prison walls, and abandoned breweries......and there is no grass in sight. Gravel and grit, and working class guys who will kick your preppy college ass for 90 minutes and break your bones.....and buy you a case Stegmaier beer when it was over. And give you a jar of Vicodin for the drive back.....

Meanwhile......Upstate New York is fucked. The Land of Edison and Westinghouse and Eastman and Kodak.....and Genesee and Stegmaier beer....... is done.

Fucking DONE.

The industry jobs were sent to China and India.....Nobody buys big electrical parts anymore.....and if they do they buy them they buy them from Canada...right across the Lake, where the wages are higher and costs are lower because the workers aren't paying off ambulance and hospital bills before they think about rent and education.

The dairy industry has gone Mega.....the little guys are already ground up and being spit out.......and ICE has terrorized the Jamaicans who used to pick the grapes and apples and compost the cowshit and milk the cows to the point where they can't leave the barns they cower in...even to buy food in the villages where the small, local grocery stores are going broke for lack of business.

The Colgate soccer team picked apples all fall to help the local farmers out and get some of the crops in........ and raise money for uniforms and balls.

And trust me, as a former Upstate New York soccer guy....Colgate soccer players need to BUY balls.....since God didn't see fit to give them their own to begin with.......

In a perfect world, the Jamaicans would be playing soccer.....and the white bitches would be shoveling shit and picking apples.

Anyway......there is a program working out along the Lakes where a company is installing wind turbines on dying dairy and apple farms. Each 200 foot (taller than the Statue of Liberty...."give me your tired.....your huddled masses...yearning to be free".....just so they aren't fucking JAMAICANS.....) turbine costs about a million dollars.

The deal worked out is that the company can.....with the right tax breaks, local and the farmer about six grand per year per turbine. A one-turbine farm can pay for health insurance for one farmer. A four turbine farm can pay for the college education for four kids......spread out over 18 years......

The working farmers can use the money to fend off the mega-dairies.....and still hire locals, and make local cheeses, distributed locally to folks who also have wind-turbines and can afford to buy them......and keep from having to sub-divide and re-develop the lands that have been in their families for 200 years.

And the turbines are all made in Denmark.

And we can afford to buy them......just so the Democrats win definitive control of Congress in November......and the Production Tax Credit is extended....over the dead body of John McCain....who was photographed today standing in front of the turbines he has done his best to defeat and out-source.

Jesus. The land where George Westinghouse figured out that giant generators driven by water power could transform a nation....and did it.....And now the same nation is being farmed out as a peasant land for the benefit of a country 9,000 km away and the size of Manhattan........because of senile retro-pricks like John McCain.

I wish Michael McKenzie Monckton still had some of that Purple Acid.

I could use some.

Otherwise it is hard to keep up with the McCain reality.


Blogger roddy said...

Yes, and included in that 75% was his refusal to keep dumping cash into the coffers of Iowa farmers for making that other great alternative energy, ethanol (huge fucking scam, just ask your Cornell boy David Pimentel). McCain didn't buy into it and as a result he hasn't been able to show his face in Iowa in 8 years. Now the food crisis is biting us in the ass and it looks like he made the right call; I'm not surprised he's skeptical about big-time subsidies for unproven renewables.

McCain's got other faults, no doubt, but tell this one like it is.

4:01 AM  

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