Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dear Sam:

Dear Sam:

I apologize in advance for writing you about this. Every political operative in the country is beating you on the head right now.....the last thing you need is for your catering friend from Cachagua to weigh in about your role as a superdelegate.

I am writing to ask you to come out and endorse Barack Obama for President. I am not writing right now because of the whole Indiana/South Carolina thing. The timing is unfortunate....I have been trying to write this for months. This has nothing to do with the current situation with Obama and Clinton.

One of my favorite things about living on the Monterey Peninsula is having you as my Representative. I get twenty emails a day from different groups asking me to write my Representative to ask him to change his vote on something or other.

I rarely have to. You are already there ahead of me. You have done the due diligence and are ready to vote the way I would.

You spend time and learn the facts behind the issues. I am a fishery nut, and you blow me away with your understanding of the problems.

You vote non-politically. You have courage, and come down on the side of what is best for your constituents, the country and the planet. Whether we know it or not, at the time. You speak truth to power, and I don't see much evidence of pandering and deal-making and political expediency in your career.

You get along well with the very wealthy in our weird world, and the bartenders and waiters. You represent the ag guys....and the farmworkers. I have seen you in Pebble Beach at cocktail parties, and fucking with a stubborn chainsaw in Big Creek in the rain.

You have bothered to call me personally and talk to me at length about issues that are troubling me.

You are Barack Obama.....well, what he strives to be, anyway. You have been there before him....and the few people like you in government have paved the way and made it possible for a Barack Obama to exist. Moral, ethical, informed, caring...truthful.

I don't see any of these qualities in Hillary Clinton. I don't see Sam Farr in anything she says or does....and it is sad.

Like you I grew up with Richard Nixon, and the concept that my government and my leaders would lie to me and do anything to retain power and enforce their vision. I lived through repeated iterations of this with Reagan, and GHW Bush.....and even Bill Clinton. The ultimate absurd iteration is of course our current President.

I am saddened to watch Senator Clinton adopt the same policies and tactics as all of these guys: say anything, spin anything, do anything, compromise any principle, take any amount of money from whomever......just get that golden ring.

Everyone else is talking about "Change" in Washington, D.C. We on the Central Coast are supremely lucky to not have that outlook.

I don't want change....I want someone in the White House who acts exactly like my Representative to Congress always does......

And that is Sam Farr.....and Barack Obama.

Let's finish this.

Eighty to ninety percent of our young people feel this same way......

They are our future. Let's get this over with and get to work.

Thanks for your time.

Your friend,

Mike Jones


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