Thursday, May 22, 2008

My heart just tingles.....

From John Cole:

Just heard this on Hardball with Tweety. You remember this story:

Everyone who knows 11-year-old Dalton Hatfield sees it. There’s something special about the young man. His mother Vickie says all who come in contact with the Kentucky elementary student look at him and say “He’s going to be something” when he grows up.

Apparently that goes for former presidents, too.

When Hatfield presented former President Bill Clinton with a check for $440 after Friday’s rally at the Williamson Fire Station, the man who was once the leader of the free world seemed to nearly come to tears.

“You sold your bike to get this?” Clinton asked the McAndrews, Ky. native.

The reply was “yes” and a whole lot more.

Hatfield feels so strongly that Hillary Clinton should be the next president he not only sold his bicycle, but video games and anything else he could find that “I could make money with” to donate to the former first lady’s bid for the Democratic nomination.

A charming story. This guy thanks you:

According to the FEC reports, close to $3 million ($2,963,802.00, exactly) of the $22 million raised last month by Hillary went to Penn, Schoen & Berland Assoc. LLC.

Hillary Clinton, always looking out for the little guy.


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