Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Worst Part of Being Paranoid.....

Is Being Right!

So......yesterday I knocked out a post about my friend and former brother-in-law Trips....aka: Triple M....aka: Michael McKenzie Monckton.

Michael barfed on Dianne Feinstein's shoes.....a career move in my world.

Michael lived with my brother Rob at the Howard Ranch in Deep Carmel Valley.....actually Arroyo Seco, since it is on the other side of the Cahoon Grade. Rob had recently been broken out of the University of Chicago psych ward with "main strength and awkwardness" by a relative in the catering business. Rob went on to write at least one novel at the Howard Ranch.

Michael and the Third Roommate had worked out a deal with an LSD importer to babysit the guy's dog. This individual would fly small planes to Holland and buy LSD base.......and then fly even smaller planes around the US and drop off the base to be turned into commercial, street-level LSD. The Howard Ranch was perfect for at least the veterinary part of this because there was a big flat field in front of the old ranch house. Fine for small planes.

The ranch house had been a stage coach stop back in the day.....old adobe with cow-wide walls, and Dutch doors that looked out onto the landing strip.

I grew organic tomatoes on the Howard I was an un-indicted co-conspirator. None of us had anything to do with the LSD business......we just liked the dog.

As part and parcel of the agreement to watch the dog, the LSD guy would land the plane, drop or pick up the hound, and leave some cash.....and some trimmings from the commerical LSD run.

There was Purple.....and Green. The drug was presented in retail form in a really solid jello. The LSD guy gave the ranchers film jars full of slivered trimmings from the gel sheets as a tip.

He liked the dog a lot, too.....and appreciated the service.

At this time we were working a lot. In the December of this year we had a party every day.....and many of them were in San Francisco. We would get up, prep, pack, the party, clean up, pack, drive.....and were left with no hours left in the actual Earth Day.

Coffee worked for a while. Cocaine was out of the question. Meth? Get real.

LSD shavings, though......

We found that a discreet finger-lick would keep you up and focussed long enough to get home safely. And hey.....there are only 31 days in the month, so it would soon be over. And, we could mostly understand what people were saying to us......though there were some noteable exceptions.

Trips continued on with the life-style after December. He was working on the Aquarium.....and driving four miles down a dirt road through two locked gates......and then 34 miles to town on the windingest road in Christendom. Brother Rob worked as a phone operator at the Lodge at Pebble Beach, and had the same routine.

The Ranch Boys actually developed a routine, later stolen by "The Gods Must Be Crazy".....they could jump out of their vehicle, race to the gate, open it wide and watch the truck roll by......then lock the gate and catch up with the truck before it hit the next turn.......

Ranch skills........

The morning routine at the Ranch was: Kahlua and coffee at 4:30 am. In summer, as the sun came up....the ground squirrels would appear on the runway at bare dawn. Ground squirrels could create divots that might wreck the LSD Rob and Trips would sip Kahlua and coffee.....dip some Purple from the film can......and cut loose with the Mini-14's at the ground squirrels from the Dutch doors in the early Arroyo Seco dawn.

Dutch LSD......Dutch doors. Perfect.

(Video exists of Brendan cutting loose with the Mini-14 at age 2.....though he was not a Purple Person). to work.

We raised tomatoes....and wild boar.

In the last post I mentioned the Arroyo Seco Wild Irish Pig Company.....and referred to LSD a couple of times in relation to the St. Patrick's Day relation to MMM.

Tonight, when I went to look up the new book about Global Food by Raj Patel.......This is what I found on my Amazon homepage:

68% buy the item you viewed

15% buy this alternative

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The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual...

The Doors of Perception and Heaven...

Remember, Be Here Now

LSD: My Problem Child

The Tibetan Book of the Dead: First...

Amazon is reading The Blog....or tracking my keystrokes.



I already own all those books.........


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