Friday, June 27, 2008

Brief reality check.....

Life goes on.....

Tonight we did a rehearsal dinner for a kid who is such a lunatic that he knows every inch of every trail all through the Ventana Wilderness....even though he now lives in Argentina.

His little speech at the end of the meal talked about his ambivalence and struggle with the history and love he grew up with in Carmel......and how guilty he feels living his new life in Argentina.

Adam was one of my soccer guys....back in the day. I was trying to change soccer in Carmel from a second rate sport to the front row that enjoys everywhere else in the world.....and Adam was almost the only kid that spoke my language.

I met him after high school at Tassajara. I was trying to teach the monks that vegetarian food need not be all in earth tones. We rose at 5...and worked like dogs until 1. We had a break from 2 until 4pm. Adam helped me in my struggle against khaki vegetarianism as much as he had helped me against White Boy Soccer.

Two days into our 2pm.....Adam came to me and said: "Coach....we have two hours off......Wanna run to the Indians?"

Jesus fucking Christ on his sleeping holy mountain. The Indians was six or seven miles distant over a crazy, primitive rocky trail. Adam intended to run up there....and back....on his BREAK from a fourteen hour day in a competitive kitchen.

What the fuck? Running twelve miles over rocks for a break from a fourteen hour day?

I love this kid.

Meanwhile....the "Indians" is the name of the fire that started first. The Basin Complex fire is now thundering down on Tassajara from the the Indians Fire thunders down on Tassajara from the east.

Tonight as we were working Adam's rehearsal dinner....a bunch of old school dozer guys came into the Store......looking for some beer.

They had been working the Indians fire for weeks......cutting firebreaks. They and all there equipment are up on Chew's Ridge waiting to re-open the firebreaks from the '99 Kirk fire and the '77 Marble Cone fire. The firebreaks are in Wilderness Areas. The fire is now five miles from The Store, and seven miles from my house. The dozer crews cannot start work until they hear from the Bush Administration that it is OK to start work in the Wilderness Area.

In fairness.......they never got the OK in 1977 from Jimmy Carter.....or in 1999 from Bill Clinton. Neither of these weasel dicks were willing to violate the sanctity of the Wilderness to save homes and businesses. So....neither is GWB.

No matter. Eventually, the dozer guys follow the community lead and cut the fire break anyway.

So....when the dozer crews came into the Store in the middle of Adam Conway's rehearsal dinner tonight....... feeling thirsty while waiting for approval to save all of our homes and businesses......what do you think happened?

I'll never tell.


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