Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kenny Wright.

Here is a Letter to the Editor of the Salinas Californian from my friend Ken Wright.

Ken was the resident CHP Officer in Big Sur for a bunch of years. His wife, Mary, is a California Parks exec with skills so finely honed that various and sundry politicians of all political stripes keep refusing to let her retire from saving our commons. They own Glen Oaks in Big Sur...the motel, the gas station and the restaurant across the street.

Some few years back Ken had some crazy heart surgery.....bypasses, transplants....who knows. All I know is that five weeks after surgery the fucking guy was out JOGGING!

I first met Ken in 1976. I was driving down the Coast in my 1969 Dodge Dart with no back seats, drinking an Oatmeal Ale from Scotland when the lights lit up behind me. I turned into Palo Colorado Road like I was going to run for it. I quickly gave it up....and stashed my beer under the seat.

Ken stopped me....license and registration, etc......and then reached into the car, under the seat and pullled out the bottle of beer.

"You weren't drinking and driving were you?"

"Oh, no. I had that with my lunch an hour ago."

"Funny....the bottle is still cold, and the foam is still fresh."

Listen, when you drive in Big Sur.....it is important not to bullshit the bullshitter."

He let me drift with a warning.

I next saw him a couple of weeks later at Seeley Mudd's ranch, Glen Deven, at the top of Garrapata Canyon. Cecil Andrus was the guest....the Secretary of the Interior under Jimmy Carter. Alan Cranston was the Senator from California. Leon Panetta was the Congressman. Ken was also a guest,as local law enforcement. When we were discussing seating arrangements, Seeley said: "This guy goes here, this guy goes there....and Leon Panetta goes at my feet where he belongs....."

Leon was later the Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton in the White House.....but back then, even Seeley Mudd understood who the real VIP was at the meeting....Kenny Wright.

I told my girls the same: "The only VIP here is the CHP guy......take care of him and fuck all the rest of these clowns......"

Here is Kenny's letter:

SOAPBOX: Sheriff let Big Sur folks down

By KEN WRIGHT • July 12, 2008

I would like to share a perspective on those in Big Sur who chose to remain during the evacuation and fire. While many know Big Sur for its scenic beauty, fewer understand the character of its community of self-reliant, capable citizens.

Living in Big Sur is not the same as visiting, nor of having a vacation home here. It requires the willingness to accept the periodic power outages, road closures due to mud slides and wildfires as part of living in a world-class area of great natural beauty.

It is also a community which retains frontier values, paramount amongst them - the willingness to assist the community and one's neighbors in the event of natural disasters.

During the almost 40 years I have lived in Big Sur, this is the spirit I have practiced and observed. During the road closures, fires and evacuations of the past I have worked with public agencies to assist their efforts, to assist members of the community and the Big Sur businesses.

Into this context stepped Monterey County Sheriff Mike Kanalakis, the first time since his election that he had the opportunity to serve the community of Big Sur in the face of an emergency. His failure to provide the necessary leadership was complete and unmitigated. By the nature of the mandatory evacuation and its effect on the residents, as well as businesses, many in the community were both homeless and unemployed.

As a result of the inconsistent and seemingly vindictive enforcement of the evacuation order, some members of the community signed county liability waiver forms in order to stay and protect the community and assist the firefighting effort, only later to learn that if they attempted to leave their property they were subject to arrest.

Despite the callous law enforcement component of this evacuation, we in the Big Sur community are deeply grateful to the courageous efforts of the firefighters. Throughout the critical days of the Basin fire, crews from agencies throughout the country worked long and often dangerous hours on behalf of this community.

I am a retired peace officer, having spent 23 years as the resident CHP officer in Big Sur and well understand the role of law enforcement in times of natural disaster. I also recognize the chest thumping of those in positions of authority who perceive that authority has been challenged.

This is the behavior that the sheriff manifested during this time of opportunity to demonstrate leadership, compassion and community-based law enforcement. Despite the efforts of many of our elected representatives, notably U.S. Rep. Sam Farr, Assemblymember John Laird, D-Santa Cruz; and county Supervisor Dave Potter, it was many critical days before they were able to influence the decisions of Kanalakis.

The only voice I seem to have in his regard is at the ballot box. I certainly intend to make my voice heard at the next election.

KEN WRIGHT lives in Juan Higuera Canyon in Big Sur.


Blogger MtWoman said...

I lived in Cachagua a couple years...you've nailed it here, and made me want to move back.

Looked up your "ars longa..." quote, and found this on wiki:

"Life is short, [the] art long, opportunity fleeting, experience misleading, judgment difficult. The physician must not only be prepared to do what is right himself, but also to make the patient, the attendants, and externals cooperate.” -original from Hippocrates translated

That about sums up your blog. And I thank you for it. Tzila "Z"

7:06 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I know you have a good sense of humor, so you might revisit how you wrote about the advice you gave to your girls... either for a laugh or an adjustment.

10:12 AM  

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