Thursday, July 03, 2008

Latest update...... are the latest screenshots of the thermal imaging satellite.

This is an overview of the latest satellite pass. I labelled the Cachagua Store at upper right for reference. The active fire is about 6 miles distant. You can see the fire spreading all around the perimeter.....and on the wrong side of the highway in Big Sur.

This is a snapshot of the southern part of the Big Sur Valley. The red dots on the wrong side of the highway are on the ridge above the road down to Pfeiffer Beach. The little yellow dots on the highway are where the Big Sur Bakery was/is. The two groups of red dots on the east side of the highway and the cluster below are threatening Ventana, and have already consumed the cabins on the road, Judge Burleigh's place and the old Johnny Rivers place.

This image (above) is of the northern part of the Big Sur Valley. The number 1 at the top of the image is where the base camp of the entire firefighting team was last Monday when we fed them breakfast. The fire came there yesterday.

Note the new fires on the wrong side of the highway. The two red spots on the east side of the highway are about where Apple Pie Ridge used to be. The southern red dots on the wrong side of the highway are across from Big Sur Lodge and Campground.

Finally, here is the Tassajara version of the map. Tassajara monastery is the little blue dot at the end of Tassajara Road in the bottom right middle of the shot. The flames have thoroughly invested the Caves and are moving downhill towards the old Bruce Church owned by the Thomas family of Salinas produce and Republican sketchy politics fame. Actually, it is still in the same family.....Bruce Church was the grandad. I understand that Mr. Church was a dustbowl immigrant to Salinas....and was the guy who figured out how to chill whole truckloads of lettuce all at once and therefore made the Salinas salad bowl possible.

As I mentioned this morning.....the Forest Service has pulled all their units out of the Tassajara region.....leaving both the Buddhist monks and the Republicans to fend for themselves. There are 500 homes at risk in Big Sur, you see. Of course, no one asked the question that pops into my mind "How many people actually live in those homes?".....compared to the priceless cultural and historic gem that is Tassajara. Not to mention the 80 year old Church Ranch.....which actually dates back 130 years.....

My note and map depicting the above were censored by the Forest Service from the public map displayed in my own damn parking lot. The only Forest Service crew left in Cachagua/Tassajara region are the information specialists. If fires could be fought with bullshit.......

I suspect that the Taylors will have their revenge in this lifetime.....Abel Maldonado is a capable, ag-friendly Republican senator....albeit not a national one. I would almost trade him in for that useless old whore Dianne Feinstein......

The monks will be waiting two or three life cycles down the road for whichever particular bureaucrat made that decision. Personally, I would rather face the Taylors.....

Anway, you can do this yourself! Go to this website:

Click on the Continental US KMZ download. Open the site with GoogleEarth if you have it....or download it to your desktop and open it there. It is important to delete the file (Conus) after viewing every time, and do not save the file to your temporary places when you close GoogleEarth.....or you will continually look at the old images. Brendan and I did this for a day.....but, hey! We are Irish!

Finally.....this is the bomb website with the best info:

And finally, finally:

Some say the World will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I have tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But....If it had to perish twice
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great.
And would suffice.

Robert Frost



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