Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Long days.....short must be Summer

If the nights only last three I in Point Barrow?

Oh, no.....there is this fire thing.

Back down the coast to feed the boys again. The lady that bitched me out for my potatoes not being hot enough at 9:30 pm last night in an abandoned house fifteen miles south of the Big Sur roadblock after a 21 hour day that included a beach party......called today to sort of apologize. She at least admitted that no one else can do what we do. Well, no one else WOULD do what we do.....there is an important difference.

Anyway, here is a quick shot and update from the MODUS. This is the view from Cachagua/Jamesburg this afernoon. The fire is burning on Uncle Sam mountain. Despite other reports, it has not burned to the Carmel River.....I can't even detect it on that side of the mountain. It is burning in the Carmel River watershed.....and has been for two weeks.

We have a CHP roadblock on Carmel Valley Road at Sleepy Hollow: "Road Closed. Local Traffic Only." It is a soft roadblock.....only there to keep a lid on things, and scare the shit out of the after-work crowd at the Running Iron......or me coming home from the Carmel Beach after some champagne. It was a good excuse for Dylan last night when he came home late from a day off at Douglas Ranch.....but it hopelessly failed to get the beer delivery guys out of delivering. They tried!

The reason not to go to Cachagua has nothing to do with fire. It was 112 degrees yesterday. Today was much cooler at 102.

The fire can be seen from The Village now.....and is pretty spectacular from Cachagua people are freaking out. Chicken Little syndrome. Our firefighters are completely calm and blase.....eating ice cream and hanging out under the mister at The Store on their break. There is still squabbling in the higher command....but the ground troops are mellow.

For those with good cash flow and their panties in a bunch, we have fire-retardant gel in stock to spray on your house. Thermo Gel. $330 for a box, which covers 800 sq. ft. of surface.....about half a 2000 sq. ft. house, supposedly. OK, I admit it......I have two boxes myself.

I will get some snaps of the fire on the mountain tonight and post to this.


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