Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mom is mad.....

This is an add-on to this morning's post.

The fire crews have abandoned Tassajara: "Good luck, monks! We will be back for a body count when it is over!"

A local fire veteran said: "Those damn monks are tough, and they have their shit together. They will be OK.....probably.

The fire crews have completely abandoned Cachagua and the Tassajara properties to go fight in Big Sur.

Oh, well!

The fire is on the upper slopes above Pine Valley and starting down into Miller Canyon. It is in the pine trees, which mean that the pine cones catch fire and roll down the hill like incendiary grenades, lighting the stuff down below and sending it roaring back to the top.

Overnight the fire has moved a mile closer to The Store.

To add insult to injury, the fire has burned down across Hwy 1 from the incident headquarters at Molera Park. It is also burning down Pico Blanco from the wrong side of the fire break towards the Boy Scout camp.

The end of the white line at upper right is 5.6 miles from The Store.

And, yes......Judge Burleigh's and Johnny Rivers' houses above Ventana are history. It would appear that Apple Pie is in big trouble today.

This was taken last night at midnight from the top of Laureles Grade, miles and miles from the fire:


Blogger pendoodles said...

Mike and Brendan I used to live out in Cachagua 25yrs ago. I'm in Pacific Grove now. At one time I used to work in the store when Rayma Freitas ran it. I am amazed at the intensity of this fire. I was around and saw the aftermath of the Marble Cone fire only weeks after it was 100% contained. It never got as close as it is to you all now. I pray you all will be fine. My blog is over at:

9:28 AM  

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