Friday, July 04, 2008

Morning update......

Happy Fourth!

The Fourth on a Friday is very odd.....just a normal workday for lots of people. I have a meeting with a bride, and then on to the Wharf to pick up my King salmon. The Cachagua Volunteers are coming in for dinner to The Store tonight. The feds have been feeding all the paid firefighters.....believe it or not, all the guys working for free have to fend for themselves. The really odd part is when a volunteer runs a bulldozer, it is free. When his neighbor runs a bulldozer on contract, he gets $300 an hour......and meals!

No one every claimed there was justice in the world.

This is from the morning satellite pass. The white line goes to the Store......5.41 miles from the hot spot.

Despite claims from inside the fire lines, the satellite continues to pick up action inside the Hwy 1 fireline. Reports claim that no houses on Apple Pie have burned yet, but there are clear hotspots there, and folks on Clear Ridge can see flames. Apparently the firelines in Post Creek in front of Ventana are holding, and the backfire set there is working.

This is a view of Big Sur Gorge from late yesterday afternoon.

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