Thursday, July 03, 2008

Parlez-vous SMS?

OK....this blog is supposed to be about food and culture. I know the world is burning, but there are other cultural concerns.

Nicolas Sarkozy.....who is kind of a George Bush figure, if George Bush had the hottest girlfriend/wife on the continent.....and if George Bush was comfortable with his wife having lived with Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger......and like that.

Anyway, like all French leaders.....Nicolas is worried about the fate and future of the French language. France has actual laws against using words like "le smoking" which means "tuxedo". Jesus God....who wears either one anymore?

The new threat is text messaging....same in America.

I post these examples of French texting to amuse Madame Doby and Horace and Etienne....and any other random francophones who read this who are not fighting fires right this minute.

JTM. Easy.

Je t'aime. I love you.

A2M1. Slightly harder.

A demain. See you tomorrow.

Ta Ht 1 KDO? More obscure.

Tu as achete un cadeau? You bought a present?

The government is actually trying to stop an ad campaign for Citroen: C Chic. A play on the C series Citroen and "C'est chic".

Or the Bank Paribas is in trouble for : TA + K ENTRER.

"T'as plus qu'entrer....." You only need to show up......a ploy to get young people to open bank accounts.

Will texting finish off the job of Hollywood and American slang and finally destroy the purity of the French language?

On faut attendre.....

A 2M1.


Blogger fifi said...

Rebjr micl le makisr, chui dsl ke lez 1c1di cnt ci pre. kel vi bet. mr6 bcp pr l blg frmidab.
tok e lezotr?
bizou, a12c4

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