Sunday, July 06, 2008

The quickest....

In the middle of a nice wedding in the blazing sun....we got a call from a private fire company to help them out with meals for their crew.....right then.

Somehow we pulled it off.....two hours sleep, a bunch of driving, a high-speed chase that ended with guns being that. Oh, and the chef's personal favorite.....the two hour "nap" on the dirty linen, snuggled up with the Grandpuppy.

Contrary to other reports.....flames are not yet visible from Cachagua or Carmel Valley. At 5am I drove over Cachagua Grade and there was nothing. Today at 5pm there are visible plumes of smoke at the top of Uncle Sam tonight we may be able to see flames.

The panic and hearsay is remarkable, and not being helped by some of the out of town crews. A crew went to my neighbors.....on the far side of Cachagua Grade near the Valley Road and told them to evacuate. The fire is at least 8 miles away, across a river. The voluntary evac order is for Cachagua Road the other side of Nason Road. You think these guys could read a map.

Back burning has started around Los Padres dam, supposedly. We had five or six engines hanging around the Store all day, just kicking it. The crews were from as far away as New Hampshire.....with a lot of LA folk. Super nice, hardworking kids. They refuse all offers of free stuff....breakfast, lunch, sodas, smokes.....Not only that, when I returned at 10am from Big Sur two engine companies were unloading all the stuff from yesterday's wedding and putting it in the dish room. It is not the kids I am grumpy with.....the officers seem typically, officers everywhere.

Our Cachagua Volunteers are looking decidedly peaked. That is a little worrisome, since these guys are all modern day gladiators. They have picked up where all us lazy-ass homeowners have dropped the ball and essentially weed-eated and cut brush on every property they could find, or that wanted to be found. I don't know what the finances of all this are about, but in lieu of cash.....our guys deserve medals. Or hot meals. They will occassionally take a pack of smokes or some snuff from shopkeepers desperate for some way to participate and for some way to show some slight gratitude.

Here is the latest Cachagua satellite pass: the red dots are on Uncle Sam Mountain.....five miles from the Store.

Not such good news for Tassajara. The fire is at the top of the ridge, only .8 miles away at most. With luck it will burn downhill slowly. Tassajara is the blue dot. It looks like the Indians fire and the Basin fire may link up after all.

Back to Big Sur........dinner for the fire guys. In the meantime the Big Sur blog has great GoogleEarth analysis.


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