Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sur Real.....

I am posting our menu from tonight.....just to catch up the out of town folk. Note the name of the Roadhouse. We have been fielding a call every ten minutes for ten days now, reassuring people that there is no problem, there is no fire anywhere near us......etc.
It is almost as if people need a crisis......as if people are trying to go back to that 9.11 font and drink deeply.

The Cal Fire guys are not helping. Out of town fire crews, with no knowledge of the local terrain and history......love to talk up the coming firestorm and get the newcomers to our Valley all stirred up.

The Fire is not a problem. While you were worried about the ash on your SUV, your Democratic Congress punted of ten percent of your human rights, and instituted what amounts to martial law on all of your communications.

And you are worried about some burning bush......ten miles away, with the wind in the wrong direction?

There has been a certain pulling together of the Community. We have been through this before. The dozer guys know what to do....our local fire guys know what to do.

Meanwhile, in the mandatory evacuation that happened in Arroyo Seco.....guess what else went on?

As soon as the local folks were escorted out....with the help of our volunteer fire guys.....the Sheriffs moved in. They took the opportunity to search and inventory every property......in the name of Homeland Security. Not that I would mind if they took out a couple of meth labs......but I fear that Granny's pot plants.....and Grandpa's Mini-14 were also on the list.

I am always amused when people bitch about bullfighting. The inhumanity......even though it is a cow we are talking about. And the next thing is bitching about all the drama and bullshit that goes into distracting the bull from the sword. Silly. Gay. Stupid. Absurd.

We just blew off Alexander Hamilton's and Thomas Jefferson's life work in a random half hour of abject cowardice on the part of our elected leaders. I think Ben Franklin is in there, too.

The Republicans should be more pissed than the Democrats.....and there is nothing but silence.

Let me be clear. The fact that Barack Obama failed to stand up for history and the Constitution.....shows me that he is possibly just another tired old whore. I have a long list: DiFi, Hillary, Harry Reid, any elected Republican but Ron Paul........

I was conspicuous today in my lack of sending him any money to beat Barack's midnight fundraising deadline.

Well, here is the red cape, baby. Swish. Flash. Smoke in the air. Burning leaves falling on your SUV.

You no longer have any right to privacy....and are living under martial law.

From my reading of Hemingway, and my understanding of bovine anatomy from my Meats Course at Cornell......when the sword slips between the axel joint at the top of the neck....it severs all feeling and kills the autonomous breathing, heartbeat thing.


Kind of.

I think I need a nap.

Here is my menu from tonight.

Chicken Little’s Roadhouse

The sky is burning! The sky is burning!

Cachagua Valley 30 June 2008


v Duncan’s Pizza: Corralitos sausage, smoked ham and bacon; artichoke hearts, jalapenos, and mushrooms $7.50 and $12.50

v Micah’s Pizza: Crème fraiche, Corralitos ham, carmelized onions, fresh basil leaves, fresh and domestic mozzarella $7.50 and $12.50

v Cate’s Pizza: Shiitake mushrooms, carmelized onions, fennel, asiago $7.50/$12.50

v Soup: Sacramento River Crawfish Gumbo $7.50

v Fresh Local Dungeness Crab Cakes with Rosemary Aioli and Basil Oil $10.00

v Raw Oysters with Cherry Beet Infused Champagne Ginger Mignonette $8.50

v Roasted Chesapeake Oysters with Porcini Cream and Asiago $8.50

v Pear, Apple, and Roasted Parsnips with Blue Cheese and Tarragon Honey $7.50

v Charyn’s Roast Baby Beet Salad: Coconut Chevre and Balsamic Reduction $7.50

v Cachagua Caesar Salad $5.50 Zolan’s Ba-Ba Blue Cheese Wedge $5.50

v Jicama Salad with Oranges and Toasted Cumin $5.50

v Serendipity Field Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette and Candied Walnuts $5.50


Served with organic Hog Farm asparagus, cumin basmati rice, and roasted Yukon Gold potatoes

vPan Roasted Double Chop of Rare Roasted New Zealand Venison with Satsuma Balsamic Reduction $20.00

v Infamous Confit of Maple Leaf Duck with Minnazoli Bing Cherries $14.50

v Mesquite Grilled BBQ Niman Ranch Organic Pork Baby Back Ribs $14.50

v Pan Roasted Niman Dry Aged Angus Filet Steak with Porcini Cream $18.00

v Blackened Local Petrale Sole with Murray River Rose Salt $16.00

v Mesquite Grilled Niman Ranch Tri Tips of Beef with Mushroom Gravy and $12.50

v Oven Roasted Fulton Valley Brined Fulton Valley Chicken $12.50

v Barney Rubble’s Niman Ranch Pork T-Bone with Cherry Berry Reduction $18.00

v Niman Ranch Lamb Loin Chops with Mint Beurre Blanc $14.00/20.00

v Barney Rubble’s Syrah Braised Shanks of Niman Lamb Kolkovna Style $20.00

v Jambalaya of Prawns, Crayfish and Local Bass $18.00

v Braised Wagyu (Japanese Beef) Osso Bucco with Three Mushrooms $16.00


Michel Cluizel Single Source African Chocolate Crema Inglése, Sea Salts and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Micah’s Lemon Cheesecake

Death by Brownie with Vasquez Ranch Strawberries

Susan’s Jamesburg Triple Berry Pie

Bucket O’ Stawberries: Vasquez Ranch Berries with Chantilly Cream and Mint

Txema’s Cardamom Crema Catalan with Fresh Cherry Caramel

French Market Beignets Souflées with Sauce Sabayon

All Desserts $5.00


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