Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Uh.....not so much

Well, we worked our balls off in Big Sur, serving Niman Ranch organically raised loin lamb chops to the boys.....The grumpiest guy was actually happy; he did the grumpy old man version of leaping and clicking his heels....

I could not wait to get back to the Valley to take fotos of the amazing light show that is the Basin Fire now descending on Carmel Valley......

Xabi and I went to the beach, and absorbed the glorious and ominous blood-red half moon. Back in the Valley, we snuck up to the neighbors property to see the fire.

The moon was soooo much better. The fire is kind of creeping along. No drama.

I got the feeling that it must have been like this for the Romans in Gaul, back in the day. Campfires of the enemy, ringing the horizon.


We have the technology. Unless Mom throws us temperatures above the 112 she gave us yesterday......or a hurricane force south wind......Sorry, guys.

I am bitter about my camera. My friend Bennie, and son Conall, and my blog foto buddies could have captured the long stretch of angry orange fire rimming the far horizon.....nicely counterpointed by an equally angry half-moon out on the right wing....

The moon wins.

Sorry, fire fans.....I got nothing.


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