Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well, my little piece of the ten million dollar fire cost is shutting down. My client with the private fire company did not get his contract picked up by the I will finally get some sleep, maybe Saturday. The Big Sur end of the fire is old news.

There is still a roadblock at Palo Colorado. The World's Prettiest CHP has the worst job in California: listening to endless bullshit stories from losers trying to talk their way past the roadblock. The poor woman is out there alone for eight hours with a long line of cars stretching up the the kooks plenty of time to work on their routine. And, the real locals.....not being dummies.....are hitting on her right, left and central.

Our roadblock became an official joke yesterday.....completely unmanned, full-on Cachagua Style. As the fire turned North and started making a run towards Tassajara, the Feds closed Tassajara Road at Jamesburg with a real roadblock.....and did mandatory evacs of the monks. The abbot and five hard-cores remain to fight it did 87 year old Jack English in Pine Valley. Jack has the honor of his own "Do Not Drop Retardant" zone on the official fire map.

The Jamesburg roadblock was serious that a long, long time local.....who used to own the Store was refused entry to go home from work. Her 14 year old daughter was alone at the house up in fire country. Our friend just said "Fuck it!" and punched it and went for it. The Chippies chased her down, forced her off the road and handcuffed her.

I must get back to work, but here is the result of my interview with the deputy operations guy from CDF....and actual local who knows the forest upside down and backwards. The fire did burn down to the UPPER Carmel Valley River, where it is expected to extinguish itself. It has already burnt out all along the northeaster front. He was completely kick back and blase. The fire is burning down Uncle Sam.....nice and slow....and he expects it will burn uphill a little. Tassajara is burning as we speak, but the buildings are wrapped in retardant foil, and the six guys are hosing everything down constantly. My guy was not worried about the prognosis for the Monastery.

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