Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well.....the SUPERVISOR of our guy came buy with lots of info......and claims that the fire is still stuck on Uncle Sam Mountain and has NOT burned down to the Upper Carmel River and Hiding Canyon. So there....

Meanwhile, he was present for the rescue of the monks at Tassajara. Turns out they waited too late to get out, and the fire had burned right up to the road along the view of the Caves......about where the bathtub spring is for those that know the road. The commander consulted with the air strike team and they coordinated a very rare night time water drop. They hit all along the road and the Zennies scrambled out. The abbot and five gnar-gnars are still below, going down with the ship.

At 9pm the fire burned across the road. It basically took the Horse Pasture trail and burned all around that hill in a clockwise direction down towards where the giant rockpile is on the way to the Narrows........It may or may not hook back towards the monastery. Everyone is confident in the Zennies clearing and fire consciousness and preparedness.

Let us hope against hope. I feel all emotional about Tassajara.....and I am just the poison oak guy there.......too ADD to ever still still and......well, sit.

Meanwhile, the fire guys are all mellow about the situation.....but check out these snaps I took five minutes ago......3pm.

This is Uncle Sam Mountain burning......from the top of Cachagua Grade.

This is a view towards Black Butte and the Tassajara end of the fire.


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