Saturday, July 12, 2008


This is the view looking North above Miller Canyon along Tassajara Road. The fire is actively burning at White Oaks Campground. Fred Nason is sitting at the Ranch watching it burn down Chews Ridge.

There is a mandatory evacuation for all of Tassajara Road from Cachagua Road to Tassajara, and along Cachagua Road to Trampa Canyon. This includes all of Parrot Ranch and Laurel Springs (the Bernadus Winery site). The Sheriff is going around booting people on three hours notice.......and the locals are still driving up and down Featherbow Road because the dummy out of towners have no clue and set their roadblock in the wrong spot.

It is expected that the fire may reach Lambert Flats.....which is perilously close to Hastings Reserve on Carmel Valley Road.

On the other end of the Northern zone.....the brush I spoke of that is unburned for 100 years is taller than a tall man standing on the biggest dozer in the county......above 18 feet. The drivers cannot see over to cut the firebreak. Also, there are multiple spots where it was impossible to cut.

Word just in: the fire did jump the break near White Rock.

It also has jumped across the Upper Carmel River at Hiding Camp and Canyon.

Off to work.


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