Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good Night, Irene.....

I just read a comment on a post by some moron named "Cimarron". Cimarron is a McCain guy.....or at least not an Obama guy.

Cimarron thinks Obama is a Marxist.


I harken back to Barack's speech tonight....where he talked about the importance of education, and supporting our teachers and all that, so that America can compete with the rest of the world, etc, etc.

I will bet my house and 12 acres against Cimarron's clapped out '97 Bronco that Cimarron has never read a word of Karl Marx.

Barack Obama voted to give immunity to the biggest corporate violators of the United States Constituiton in two hundred and thirty two years. The guy went to Harvard, for chrissakes. He married a lawyer. Obama would not know how to dress to crash a Marxist party.

Get a fucking clue, Cimarron....... you useless, dumbass, dipshit.

Meanwhile check out the wiki on "Cimarron":

Cimarron is the title of a novel published by popular historical fiction author Edna Ferber in 1929. The book was adapted into a critically acclaimed film in 1931 through RKO Pictures. In 1960, the story was again adapted for the screen to meager success by MGM. Both the novel and 1931 film have fallen out of favor due to perceived racism.

Or check out the Chamber of Commerce in Cimmaron, NM.

Once the home of Anasazi, Jicarilla Apache, and Ute Indians, Cimarron, located on the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail, became the hub of a vast mining and ranching empire in the mid to late 19th century. The pioneer spirit which gave rise to Cimarron brought the famous and infamous alike. Western legends such as Kit Carson, Black Jack Ketchum, Charles Kennedy, Clay Allison, and Will James have each added flair to the area’s rich history.

In Spanish, Cimarron means “wild and unruly,” harking back to the historical turbulence of this now peaceful community. The area was once part of the controversial Maxwell Land Grant, which eventually caused the Colfax County War in the late 1800s. In addition to Cimarron’s rich Native American heritage, Spanish settlers, homesteaders, trappers, traders, and many other colorful characters made this beautiful area their home.

In the 1800s, few towns had such a reputation for gunplay and violence as Cimarron, New Mexico. Once luridly lawless, today this peaceful town echoes the sights and sounds of its historic past. You can still see ruts of the Santa Fe Trail and our museums and historic buildings offer fun and informative activities. Nearby recreation abounds in the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

Cimarron offers a colorful history and plenty to do any time of year. The sparkle of trail campfires and the howl of coyotes remind us that the old west and the new west overlap.

Gunplay, violence, racisim.


Hey, is your health insurance? What is up with your retirement package? How is that '97 Bronco treating you driving back and forth to the unemployment office because you have lost your non-union job to illegal aliens?

How stupid do you feel that some limp-dick, Viagra-swilling, super-rich cocksuckers have convinced you to vote, once again, against your own best interests? Do you realize that if you showed up at the front gate of the fifth least visited ranch of any of the people that John McCain is giving tax breaks would be captured on video by the surveillance cameras, tracked by satellite, and locked up in the local hoosegow as the whack-job menace that the people you vote for know that you are?

Hey, Cimmaron: Fuck you, you dumb-ass. Next time around in the evolutionary cycle, stay awake in English class and History class. You might learn something that might help you in your next trip through.

Meanwhile......get that 11 year old piece of shit you drive off the road. Granted you are contributing to your hero's Exxon stock profits......but GM is struggling since you haven't worked in ten years and can't afford to buy the upgrade. And since you can't afford air-conditioning on your double-wide......your life is gonna get even more sweaty.

And John McCain is pissed that the emissions from your piece of shit Bronco are killing the climate......and his pool boy, Juan, has to use more chlorine in his third back up ranch's pool to keep down the algae....and the bleach is turning Cindy's hair green. This is not cool.

And....after reading your shit....I had the idea that John McCain's chief financial adviser had a point...."America is a nation of whiners." Whining, dumbass, ignorant motherfuckers like you.

So......I took myself back downstairs....opened a half bottle of champagne made just up the river from the real Cimarron in New Mexico....and made myself a sandwich.

I used organic bread, shipped in from a farm in Colorado. My buddy runs 40,000 acres of wheat with one helper, and sells to an organic baker in Trinidad. I sliced a tomato raised by my gay friend John from James Creek Farm above my Store.....and whose legal wedding I cannot wait to attend when he legally marries his legal immigrant Cuban lover.....and laced it with basil raised by a retired Stanford architecture professor.....and layered it up with gorgeous soft mozzarella from my new friend in Concord up the highway. Some Murray River pink salt from Oz, just to prove that I am a global guy.

Delicious. Life affirming. Life changing. Tastes and textures so overwhelming that I am sure you have never experienced them.....because overwhelming sensation just reminds you of the last time you took it in the ass in Pod A at Natividad on your last meth bust.

Gotta put down that glass pipe, buddy.

Hey, Cimmaron: Any time, drop by, bend over......... and kiss my Marxist ass. I am at 18840 Cachagua Road most days.

Rest easy in the knowlege that you are so fucking stupid it is a miracle you can feed yourself.

Jesus loves you.....everyone else is amazed you can breathe. And we all know that you are an asshole.

Oh....and I am a Republican.......

Yours in Christ,



Blogger kathy said...

But read his blog. You two may be friends.... he doesn't like Officer Cocksucker either.

10:00 AM  
Blogger mrduncan2k said...

Mr. Jones

I have met you and found you to be a very personable, understanding and giving person to your community and I have enjoyed talking with you as I have found your intellect to be very interesting on many levels, but the response in your blog led me to believe that some damn fool wrote it and signed your name to it. The words were so insulting that I must have reeked of affront. I was profoundly stunned by the tangled enmities experienced in your blog this morning. Not one thing I brought up was ever addressed, only the one solitary mention, that in my opinion, that Barack Obama was a follower of Karl Mark. This one comment launched a tirade, a cataclysm of remarks that embroiled like an avalanche of criticism against me. I met no disrespect, it was merely an opinion. Your reasoning expresses a mind that has progressed beyond confusion to a state of almost total distraction. Your opinion of my entry to your blog conveys that you have a narrow and ungenerous point of view. In my opinion this whole amphitheater event last night for Barack Obama was nothing more then symbolism over substance.

I believe in this respect, concerning Barack Obama, the Democrats are representing a repository of irresponsibility in choosing a man of such infinitesimal proven ability to go up against the dictators of this world, and the illegal immigration problem that is plaguing this country. I further believe that the Democrats are determined to promote Barack Obama to the highest level of his incompetence. I fear if he is elected that his experience is the name everyone will give to his mistakes.

12:28 PM  
Blogger azazl said...

On the political front, that slimebag McCain apparently nominated a woman for VP. How very transparent of him. You know he didnt pick her for any other reason than she has a vagina and he is hoping to swing die-hard Hillary fans his way. He might as well be fucking her since its only her representational organs he is interested in. In fact I would probably admire the dirty old geezer more if he were flagrantly fucking her. And the first thing my mother said was..'He went to great effort to find a woman who does not believe in birth control...she has 5 children and is in her early 40's" Great. I dont know anything about her but I can guess shes some kind of evangelical nut too. All I have to say is if this sort of blatant cowtowing placates are fucking stupid and I wont call myself a feminist any longer.
As for Cimarron, seems a little too dumb to waste such time on. Fuckim.

1:14 PM  
Blogger kathy said...

Cimarron will not change minds with his opinion that Barack Obama is a follower of Marx. (What evidence do you have to support your opinion?) And Azazl will change no minds with his opinion Palin is an evangelical nut with (or without) a vagina.

I'm wondering if the name-calling is necessary as minds aren't swayed by it. In rememberence of King's famous speech.... 'can't we all just get along?'

3:24 PM  
Blogger azazl said...

you may be correct kathy, arguing about things in this manner in order to sway opinion is like using a fishing pole to catch elephants. It dosn't work and the elephants could care less.
BTW,you referred to me as a he....probably due to the crudness of my speaking...I am most definatly a she, though by no means an evangelical nut like my sister Palin, lol. And I do think it is still obvious that McCain only chose Palin because of her XX chromosomes and the packaging that accompnies it. Its pretty transparent.

4:41 PM  
Blogger kathy said...

Oh sorry about the sex change. I'm usually pretty good about that. Guess my latent homosexist popped out. I should know that us grrrrs can talk the dirt just like the boys. ;)

6:28 PM  
Blogger Pexster said...

I went back and re-read Cimarron's comment about Obama being a Marxist. I wanted to see if I had missed the reasoning behind it. Well, the only logic I can discern is that Obama wants to alter the federal income tax rates, returning them to a more progressive rate structure. This makes him a Marxist?!? Mike was right, you are an ignorant, uneducated moron.

5:41 AM  
Blogger pendoodles said...

Way to go Mikey. LOL

8:28 AM  

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