Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The other Olympics.......

As our medal count mounts......battling those pesky Chinese.......

Dammit, it is important to be first.

Here are some other areas of competition.........

U.S. worldwide ranking:

First - CEO to Worker pay ratio (531:1) (Second place is Brazil at 57:1)

9th - Adult Literacy Scale (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)

12th - student reading ability (Source: OECD)

13th - U.S. rank on quality of life survey (Economist Magazine)

17th - Rank of U.S. on women's rights (World Economic Forum Report)

21st - Aid to poor nations of the world (as percentage of gross national income)

29th - Life Expectancy

32nd - World rank of U.S. infant mortality rate.

37th - U.S. rank on the Healthcare Quality Index (World Health Organization)

48th - U.S. rank on Journalistic Press Freedom Index (Reporters Without Borders)

45th - Environmental Stability Index (Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy)

I can't see any need for Change here.......

Caution: Sarcasm in play.........


Blogger azazl said...

Somehow feel the need to clarify. My last comment regarding the folks in our nieghborhood suggested that I had had some problems with the employees of Ranch Sin Frenos.....It dates back to 8 years ago and in retrospect is an amusing story. One night coming back from dinner at Plaza Linda I looked up the mountain to find two gun toteing men on our property. And I hollered at the top of my lungs for them to get the hell off because they were tresspassing. Later on they drove up our driveway reeking of liquor and full of pugnatious attitude. Apparently they had shot a pig and were tracking it across our land, without permission, but felt that they had "more right to be here than we did" I hollered a few epithets at them and then one of the guys said "watch your back little lady" Well, little did he know that I was 7 months pregnant and hormonal as hell, and my teeth grew 3 inches, claws sprouted out of my hands and I roared the loudest angry momma grizzly bear roar possible. Just as I was about to claw out his eyes and gnaw on his carotid my father and husband grabbed me and held me back. So I did the only thing I could, I hocked up the biggest wad of spit I could manage and lobbed it at him...unfortunatly it landed on his truck instead of his face where I had intended it. Those guys took off and I called the Sherif, who naturally didnt want anything to do with it and passed me off to Fish and Game. When Barry Ceccone came out to ask a load of questions he looked at his notes, gave me a sly smile and asked if it was true that I had spit on the guys truck. I laughed so hard I am surprised I didnt go into labor. Anyhoo, I am afraid I kinda pissed Alan off because at least one of those guys was an employee of his, which he fired. And now I get the feeling they all think I am a raving lunatic, which is probably true. But the lesson is, dont mess with a pregnant woman unless you have somekind of deathwish. I havent had any problems with anybody on the crew now. I apologise for taking up so much space...just the ramblings of a crazy woman, lol.

9:31 AM  
Blogger azazl said...

obviously, I meant to post this under little mitsvahs, as this has nothing to do with these depressing statistics, Duh, sorry

4:19 PM  

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