Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Speech.......

All of us watching Obama's speech tonight were left with the final question:

"Why would you NOT vote for this man?"

The corporate media would have me believe that every other person I meet is a McCain supporter?

I know a couple. They are epitomized by one: a crackhead without teeth who will "never vote for a nigger." This is a crackhead without not just teeth, but a job, or any healthcare that does not come from the prison system or the emergency room......

The other one blasts country music while he plays horseshoes in front of his trailer....and likes to get drunk and do diggy donuts in gravel parking lots. He also will "never vote for a nigger." He is also without healthcare, as is his 5o year old mother who lives in another trailer without electricity, and who has never participated in the whole wage/tax thing and therefore has no possible retirement of any kind beyond death.

McCain folks. Well, not the mom.

Beyond the politics and the policies......

I keep telling people that I am a Republican.....but no one believes me. I am theoretically on the Monterey County Democratic Central Committee, but they don't invite me to their they must believe me.

Even as an a old school Dwight Eisenhower Republican.....I would still never vote for John McCain.


I am tired of being lied to.

I am tired of being treated like a dumbass sack of shit.

I am tired of being fed shit sandwiches and being told it is filet on a baguette.

John McCain is despised by other Navy fliers, because he used his daddy and granddaddy to leapfrog him over hundreds of harder working, better qualified guys into a job flying jets...... after he graduated at the bottom of his class at Annapolis.

His fellow surviving POW's despise him. Call up Phil Butler in PG.....the senior commander at the Hanoi Hilton, and McCain's superior officer in the prison camp and ask him about John McCain. Find me one single surviving POW of the 500 odd who will publicly support John McCain.

One. You won't be able to do it. And they are not saying why. Think about it.

McCain was a maverick.....until he got the shit beat out of him by Karl Rove eight years ago. Yes, he sponsored ethics reform......and then voted against the bill with his own name on it. He has done that twice!

McCain goes to the "military hero" well at the drop of a hat.....but has voted against increasing veterans' benefits...... eleven times in a row. He just voted against the first reform of the GI Bill in forty years.....because he thought it treated veterans too well!

Just bop under the Carmel River Bridge on Highway One and talk to some of those veterans.....and see if they feel they are being overcompensated for their service.

Today McCain released an ad on the anniversary of MLK's "Dream" speech supposedly congratulating Barack as making the grade from field nigger to house nigger.....after fighting against the MLK holiday tooth and nail for thirty years.

At Annapolis, McCain was a no-show at classes....and flaunted and shat all over the military traditions he now is supposed to embody.

Similarly, he has been a no-show in the Senate.

In December of 2006, Tim Johnson....the Senator from South Dakota suffered a major stroke and almost died. It took a year of intensive therapy to get him back in the saddle even partially.

Tim Johnson has appeared in the Senate and voted on more bills by far than has John McCain in 2007 and 2008. McCain should reimburse the taxpayers 90% of his salary....since he missed 90% of the votes. Oh, and the guy doesn't work weekends. Even now.

John McCain offers four more years of George Bush in more ways than policy. They are both dumbass frat boys who rode the coattails of family power and prestige into postions of influence that a healthy nation would never have allowed them within missile range of. No wonder Europeans have come to despise America and Americans....not just because of our policies, but because we keep voting against our own interest and electing acutal morons. They are embarrassed for us, and with good reason.

John McCain is the same shit sandwich we have been fed over and over again for the last eight years.

I am no fan of Bill Clinton. Almost as much as George Bush, he sold our country and our middle class and their jobs up the river and over the seas....and is just as much of a corporate whore as Dianne Feinstein. Which is a hard thing to pull off.

But, policies least Bill Clinton had an IQ above room temperature. Bill Clinton could write his own speeches, and speak off the cuff.....and from the heart. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar......and Daddy can't buy that scholarship. Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar, for instance.

The speech Barack Obama gave tonight was one he wrote himself. He had a hotel room near his house, and would go there for six or seven hours at a himself. He did not even give it a dry run past his wife.

The guy has a heart. He has a brain. He can speak like an angel, and communicate both his thoughts and his feelings. He can think on his feet....and he is not a phony.

Much is made of the legacy of John Kennedy, and there are lots of comparisons between Barack and JFK.

My reverence for JFK is not based on his inaugural speech, or any of his other famous orations. Or the fact that he was tagging mob molls and Marilyn Monroe, even with a bad back.

Back in 1961, Jack flew to Vienna to meet with Khrushchev in one of the early "Summit Meetings." When they were shown into the same room and shook hands, Jack pointed out that Nikki had a chest full of medals. He asked what they were.

Khrushchev ran down the list: Industry medal, Soviet Hero, etc. Jack pointed to the biggest one and asked: "What is the big one?"

Khrushchev replied: "Oh, that is the Lenin Order of Peace. I just received it last year."

Jack: "Well, that is very nice that you got it. The bigger question, though, is: 'Can you keep it?"

Ooooo. Gotta hurt, Nikki!

A year later, Khrushchev and Kennedy were thrown into the middle of the Cuban Missile crisis. Kruschev blinked, as we all know.

No one can tell me that his blink was unrelated to his experience at being personally outwitted and dissed by the smarter, quicker Yank the previous year.

Much has been made of the "3am phone call" bullshit....but there is some truth to it.

McCain is Khrushchev. He will take off his $600 Ferragamo loafer and whack somebody or something, or push the button and blow something up by way of making a decision.

Nuance is lost on this old geezer.

Whatever Barack Obama's policies are.....and I disagree with many of them.....I want the smarter, quicker guy in charge of my life.

Vote Obama.


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