Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keep your powder dry......

I apologize for this annoying Times-Roman script. Blogger is punishing me for something obscure.

Anyway....Obama is in. Gun sales are up. A nutball Congressman from Georgia is suggesting that Obama has a Brownshirt squad ready to reap hell on......Rednecks?

Last night I made a joke about Obama gun sales to a nice man from Texas dining at The Store with my Republican friend, Gary. Gary is bulletproof.....and one of the few Republicans I know who are not irony-challenged. I think his wife makes him take an Internet Irony Course while he works out on his StairMaster.

Anyway, the Texas guy is not some dumbass redneck....not that I have anything against dumbass rednecks. Texas guy owns a third or fourth house on Scenic in Carmel at Ninth Street on Carmel Beach.

When I made my "Obama Wins, Buy Guns!" joke....he nodded sagely.

"Well, maybe not guns right away. But I hear they are going clamp down on ammo sales. Better stock up."

Okay.....Now a word from "Get Your War On" and David Rees:

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