Saturday, November 15, 2008

So Cal Fires.....

I am a recovering Southern California brat....Anaheim, before Disneyland even.

Our news coverage is weak about the fires, so here are some MODUS snaps for those interested, and stuck on dial-up. Here is a live fire blog....compliments of Kos.

And here is an overview for folks who have no clue from Corona or Sylmar. Disneyland is in Anaheim. Six Flags is in Santa Clarita.

The Sayre fire in Sylmar has destroyed more than 600 homes. Many of these are mobile homes. Interesting that I have only heard about Montecito and Corona and the million dollar homes being destroyed.

In the snap, the big freeway is the 5. You can see it winding over the Grapevine in the distance as a yellow line.

The Corona/Yorba Linda fire has taken 200 homes and apartments....and the fire officials fear that it will join the Brea fire. The Riverside Freeway, the various toll roads and a big mess of other roads are all closed. The winds were fierce enough that embers blew two hills worth and ignited homes miles from the active fire front. A furniture store with a giant parking lot and good brush clearance also burned.

Mom is mad.


Blogger Bennie Spiedel said...

We have gone out of our way to piss Mom off... after you play you have to pay.

If we don't get our global act together, we are most likely the last generation to see a planet as we have known it.

3:51 AM  

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