Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change is......now?

On his way out to The Store tonight, after working an eight hour day running tractors.......Brendan stopped by Safeway to pick up a head of iceberg lettuce for our least loved and most purchased dish......The Wedge.

The two ladies in line in front of him were talking about events.

"Jesus Christ......today is Martin Luther King Day.....and tomorrow is Barack Obama Day. Why not just blow off the whole week and call it Black Week?"

"Yeah. We could have Rodney King Day on Wednesday....and J-Z Day on Thursday......."

Lord help us. George Bush may only have 22% approval......but that is one in five, and they are everywhere....even if they don't have actual jobs.

Meanwhile.....my beloved Amanda has always a different perspective on things.

She has discovered a few interesting things.......and she is never wrong.

1) More Presidents than are statistically probable happen to be left-handed.

2) Left-handed people are more sensitive to variations in color and tone than right-handed folk.

Aside.....on my way to the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco yesterday......I listened to an advertisement from the Mormon Church about raising sensitive babies. If your baby is unusually sensitive to light, sound, noise, fabric......don't be judgmental. Try to back off the stimulation and give your baby space.......

I would not want to be accused of being sexist or whatever.....but if your Mormon baby is super-sensitive to color, sound, fabric........might he or she be gay? Don't go there, Michael.

Anyway....our new President volunteered to do some community service today on MLK Day. Barack is painting in a homeless shelter.

There was an unedited clip on MSNBC......Barack rolling up his sleeves; the project leader giving him a paintbrush and a bucket and pointing him towards some trim in the shelter.

Barack.....holding the brush in his left hand: "This is not the same color blue."

Leader:" Yes, it is.....it is all fine."

Barack: "This is not the same color blue. I am sorry, I don't want to be a problem. I will paint it whatever color you want....but this is not the same color."

Words fail.

My Amanda....when she was seriously depressed back in LA...would take any excuse to go to the DMV in The Valley because it was painted in a certain shade of Aqua Sea Foam.

Calming. Quieting. Institutionally certified.

Hey, it worked.....at DMV

Anyone remember "About A Girl" by Kurt Cobain........"Aqua Sea Foam Shame"?

I am having trouble imagining my President as a guy who is willing to politely argue about details and inferences, and color shades.....and their impact on folks who have to experience their nuances on a day-to-day basis......

On his day off. In a publicity shot.

My trouble only comes because I have been conditioned to be led by a fucking moron...who denies any subtlety or nuance or any further meaning beyond chicken wings and ass-kicking.

The same fuckhead who traded Sammy Sosa from Texas to Chicago....


We now have a President who can recognize seemingly meaningless details and inferences....and is unafraid to act on them....

I love Amanda.

And, I am prepared to not despise Barack Obama.


Blogger kathy said...

"Least loved?" Well, I think you're going to have to get over that one. If you make something that tastes real damn good then you'll just have to suffer the consequences!

I suppose that one day you'll be saying that about the exquisite pumpkin ravioli too? I'd better not EVER hear that one coming from your finger tips. Mmmmmm, absolutely delicious.

8:34 AM  

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