Friday, January 16, 2009


Lately we have been networking.....LinedIn and Facebook.

It is fun......which is why social and business networking has quadrupled in the last four years.

Today I became friends with a hard core skateboard genius......the physical skill and the graphic design skills somehow tied in....

My friend Audrey also hooked me up in LinkedIn. At first I thought Audrey drank the Kool-Aid....she became a coach and management consultant.

Her husband and I shared an insanely crappy and freezing 183o era cabin in Ithaca, New York forty years ago. Well, Hugh took over after I left, we did not actually share the space....Hugh inherited all my design innovations.....none of which were related to insulation or anything pertinent to sanitation or survival.........and we did not actually meet until fourteen years hence, 3000 miles away.

Audrey and Hugh ran our burglar alarm company for a million years.....and Audrey did the books. She understood that we only pay our bills yearly, or bi-yearly.....and that we almost never send bills to people we love.

When Audrey and Hugh sold the alarm was 60 days before the shit hit the fan and the new folks wanted actual funds.... is the question I was confronted with tonight upon my return from work.

Hi......What is your best tip for attracting new clients?

Everyone has their own style and I'm wondering what works best for you. I'd really appreciate it if you could take just a moment to jot down your most effective way of attracting the clients you want.

Thank you!


I am not giving out Audrey's actual contact info for fear of damaging her business.....but Audrey is money. If you have a bunch of folks working for you that are not pulling in the same me and I will hook you up. I mean, she has been my friend for 30 years.....She is hard-boiled.

My response:

Ignore everything below.

We draw a line in the sand......

In our case: moral, ethical, political......all of it affecting our access to the kind of ingredients we want for our people......and the kind of decisions that help us support our staff with health care, education, etc......

And if you don't like it.

Fuck you and kiss my ass.

It is easier to get this all out of the way at the beginning.....because the awful people are not paying their bills anyway.

In our world view, people who suck should not be marrying or breeding. Other folks get excited about gay people or whatever......

We think that people who suck should not be allowed to marry or have parties.

We hope to inspire people who don't suck to hire us by making all of this perfectly clear up front.

This is probably why we are poor....

Audrey's response to our post on the business network:

I believe I will always love you. LMAO

Hey, doing what we do.......


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