Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Phoblact Abu.......

This means "Up The Republic!" in Gaelic.

I am an Irish immigrant people once reviled at least as much as any Asian, Latino or African you can produce in present days.

Ireland is a small island, about a seventh the size of California....with an equivalent poplulation ratio. Unlike California, there are no major highways.....travelling in Ireland is like travelling in Cachagua: windy roads, possibility of sheep and strangely arranged motor vehicles around every turn.

Recently, the Republic of Ireland found themselves with a problem on their tiny, windy highways. They had a criminal and scofflaw of epic proportions. be epic in Ireland is to reach towards some pretty poetic and lofty goals.

An individual named Prawo Jazdy had been caught by the Garda (the Irish police) more than 50 times.....violating the already generous motor vehicle laws of the Republic.

Prawo Jazdy was obviously Polish. The Poles are the Mexicans and Salvadoreans of Europe, and especially of Ireland and England. The British Isles had a Silicon Revolution of their own.....and their relatively highly literate and educated folk started raking in the big bucks building hard drives, etc.....and lost the strong desire to clean houses, dig ditches, and watch over small children.

Enter the Poles.

But, the the former toilet scrubbers of the world, are very tolerant of the working poor.

Prawo Jazdy's many violations were at first viewed with tolerance and understanding.

Each violation of Prawo's listed a different address, and involved a different motor vehicle. Prawo never showed up in Court to defend himself.

In Ireland, this obvious flaunting of authority would not be as surprising as it would in say.....Germany. We Irish are World Class Flaunters of Authority. We kept our culture alive for a thousand years under conditions that even make the Jews stand up and notice......Indeed, there are a few folk who think that the Irish are one of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

Still.....when Prawo's violations climbed from the twenties and thirties up into the forties and fifties......even the Irish got pissed.

Who the fuck is this guy? Fuck this guy. When we catch him, he is done. Fair is fair, but this is too much.....50 violations, 50 different addresses, 50 different vehicles......This is a conspiracy!

Finally, one young Garda had an idea.

He sought out one of the most powerful anti-crime databases known to man.

A Polish-English dictionary.

Turns out that "Prawo Jasdy" is Polish for ........

"Driver's License".


An Phoblact Abu!



Blogger kathy said...

A nation over-filled with genious.

BTW - I'm STILL thinking of the pasta with chanterelle and I do believe it should be a seasonal regular! Like maybe even a daily regular while those chanterelles are hanging around.

And maybe the marshmallows with that hint of rose. That boy of your loins and you did good!!!!!

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