Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy 60....

Last year when the union pilot guy landed the jet in the Hudson, I posted a pro-union deal. My right wing friends were all over me: "What would happen if you had a union in your Store?"

I am still a NYC union bartender....and the Union trained me, supported me and kept me on the planet at times when I was in line for the exit...

So, now I am a "Boss".

22 minutes into my 60th year on the planet I just had an argument with one of my workers.

Liz lives in a trailer on the mountain with no power and no water...two horses, a goat and two dogs. Cats don't count. She carries water in plastic buckets to the critters....and to her own self.

She pays child support to a scumbag in Missouri or one of those other M states or square states.....

Her daughter that I know is an honor student at Davis.......

Because she has no power or water, Liz hangs with us after working her 10 hr shift at The Store. We are her TV. She cuts strawbs like an angel....takes just enough off so the stem is gone but the berry doesn't dry out. Liz peels beets. Liz does roll-ups.

I just tried to slip Liz minimum wage for her hours just this past month when she did work for us no one else could do that we really needed, and our rich clients paid us for her to do for them.

Liz got actually mad at me....and stormed out.

"I don't do this for money.....I work because I love you guys......"

Happy Birthday....Someone from my planet....


Blogger kathy said...

Happy birthday babe! You're a mere baby compared to one of us.

9:12 AM  

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