Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The REAL Grill...

Some of us have been working on a REAL fundraiser (beyond Tritips In The Rain in Cachagua and Spaghetti By The River) for Rachel for a while now. It was all set for the Highlands Inn for March. Toby did a killer job with the Big Sur Food and Wine Fest there in November....the only bummer was the absence of Rachel, four days after the accident.

Then, suddenly, the Highlands brass told Auntie Erin that management doubted that we (Erin, Toby, Gina Weston, Molly O'Neal and I) "could pull off an event of this quality in the time frame."

Yeah well, fuck you sideways. Which of Rachel's friends hangs at the Highlands anyway? (Well, except to sneak into the hot tubs after hours....)

We were meeting at The Rio when we got the news, and were grumbling about those fucking corporate douche bags.

Tony Tollner overheard our bitching: "Why don't you do it here? I'll give you the Rio for a night, no problem."

One of the many reasons to love Tony and The Rio......

I always tell people that the word "restaurant" comes from the verb "to restore". We used to be a solace and shelter back in the day, and an important part of not just commerce, but society and communication.

Some places still are.

Hats off to Tony!

Sunday, April 10, 5:30-8pm. Rio Grill. Great wineries, tba but all our local favorities. Great foodies, tba....but think Mundaka, Cachagua, Tim Wood, Tree Bones, etc. All the Photo Mafia are coming together for the auction.....As much fun as you can have with your clothes on....


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