Friday, February 20, 2015


I spend most of the day on Fridays driving around from farmer, to farmers market, to the wharf, to meet a boat, meat company, go to the beach with the hounds, etc.  I listen to NPR.....Science Friday!  Sadly, there is news every half hour.  Lately it has been a lot about Republicans finally finding a judge in Texas who is willing to rescind President Obama's new direction for immigration policy....and actually force him to start deporting DREAMers and their parents.  

Oh....and parents of citizen children.


Luckily....yesterday I saw two documentaries while I was chained to the damned computer in the office that gave me perspective enough to make me almost bulletproof to bad news and bad people.  The Apple Pushers (narrated by Edward Norton) follows five immigrants who sell fruit on the streets of New York City. 

Trust me.....not a dry eye in the house by the end of the film....especially when the credits roll and the crew are defined as "great-grand-daughter of Esther from Russia", etc.
The other doc was concert footage of Carlos Santana's concert in Guadalajara.  The music was great and all....great for posting and sending and paying bills.....but what gave me perspective was finding out that Carlos is from Guadalajara, actually a small town south of the city, right next to where I used to work. 

 Carlos Santana is a DREAMer.  He moved to San Francisco in the seventh grade. 
I am the grandson of immigrants from Ireland.  My aunt Cecily immigrated from Mexico....I have here landing papers, thanks to  Apparently working as a nurse and teacher on Pancho Villa's train during the revolution was not a bar to immigration in 1918.

 I am completely flummoxed by these Republican fools.  Can you imagine America without Carlos Santana?  


I have a mental picture of each of these GOP assholes, drunk on their butts and sloshing shitty beer around, dancing to "Evil Ways" at the frat party at TCU twenty years ago. 

Evil Ways, indeed.


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Not sure who you are, but I sure enjoy reading your musings. Hope to dine at Cachagua one Monday soon

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